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WARNING: Sting CFNM feature young men being disciplined and spanked by Strict women

In A State Agent

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Sting CFNM Discipline: In A State Agent – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Sting CFNM Discipline: In A State Agent – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Video Preview for Sting CFNM Discipline : “In A State Agent””
  1. As soon as I saw this film starred James & Judy I purchased it right away. They are both so wonderful and I was thrilled they finally made a film together. At first I was very resistant to the f/m films but I have become a fan of them, mainly because of Judy. I was growing tired of seeing a female spank a childish twink of man, but love seeing “macho” guys getting punished by the actresses (incredibly humiliating – fantastic – if you enjoy that type of thing as I do you should check out the film where Judy punishes a muscle bound jock). I am very disappointed Judy didn’t punish James on the seat of his pants (boy he dresses up sharp!). Love seeing a business man wall street type getting what he deserves. But the suit pants and underwear pants were skipped completely and that’s always a major disappointment for me. All in all a fantastic pair of actors together at last. Hope they work together again. Maybe as a husband and wife – him not showing up dinner without calling to have one too many drinks with the boys and her greeting him at the door cane in hand? Judy should always have a cane ready at hand! She knows how to use one – gracefully. Please thank the actors for me.

    1. I am also in favor of Kass’s excellent suggestion regarding the husband/wife “too many drinks” scenario or a F/M addition to the office series. I think it would be very hot for James to spank a twinky male co-worker and then get his comeuppance from a female superior.

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