Video Preview for Taking Control

The Video Preview for

Taking Control

starring James Lewis and Marco

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For the next three weeks a copy of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube




Taking Control – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Taking Control – in Standard Definition


An HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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8 comments on “Video Preview for Taking Control

  1. Ok just one more question and I promise I will leave you alone
    Is there a way to see my order history, I am trying to find out which Trevor Dunst videos I have . I am trying to see which of his videos I have and which I don’t

  2. James Lewis is a nice-looking lad, and he has given a few good performances in the past. To satisfy Jack’s curiosity, James’s large “dangling bits”, as Bruce put it, are on display in the full video. I decided to take a chance on this video.

    I liked the fact that Marco pulled James’s briefs down rather than making James pull his briefs down himself. However, the rest of the video was a disappointment. James’s response to his spanking was too stoic for my taste. Also, his briefs were not tight and skimpy enough – he should have been wearing a bikini brief or a posing brief.

    Better luck next time.

  3. If he broke my TV screen, it would have been cane and paddle. He certainly has the firm butt to take that (and maybe he will then also be more responsive lol).

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