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Bad Lads

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Title 2257

By Bruce

One thought on “Video Preview for Bad Lads”
  1. Let’s start off with what’s good about this video. Both Robbie Kasl and Joshua Clark gave good demonstrative performances – lots of grimaces, grunts, groans, and squirming over Marco’s lap while being spanked. I generally prefer models that are more muscular than Robbie and Joshua, but they are good -looking lads and they did good jobs here.

    HOWEVER, there were problems with this video. First, it was a mistake to have Rich cane Joshua on the seat of his jeans; he should have caned the lad on his briefs or bare ass. The jeans provided too much protection. When Joshua removed his jeans and briefs, there were no cane marks on his bottom.

    Second, both Robbie and Joshua pulled down their trousers and underwear themselves. It would have been better if Marco, while had the lads over his lap, had pulled their briefs down himself. It is more humiliating for the guy being spanked to have his pants pulled down by another man than to pull them down himself.

    Third, and most important, both Robbie and Joshua were spanked on the seat of their trousers, and then spanked on their bare bottoms; neither lad was spanked on their briefs. I especially enjoy watching a long, hard OTK spanking on a pair of tight, skimpy briefs before the briefs are pulled down for a bare-assed spanking finale. Unfortunately, no such spanking on the briefs was incorporated into either scene in this video.

    I hope you incorporate my suggestions into future videos.

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