Video Preview for the Sting Spanking Classic

Borstal Trilogy

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Borstal Trilogy

Sting Pictures


Title 2257

By Bruce

One thought on “Video Preview for the Sting Spanking Classic Borstal Trilogy”
  1. I bought this video and was impressed, especially at this low price. The first story in this trilogy, featuring good performance by Dale Brady, is in two parts – the first part (OTK spanking) at the very beginning of the video, and the second part and the second part (birching) at the very end. The ending of the OTK spanking was especially nice – a fairly long shot of Dale Brady lying face-down on his bed, his briefs pulled down to his knees, his bare beet-red buttocks in full view, and Dale sobbing softly into his pillow from the pain of the spanking.

    The second story featuring Toby Haines as the spankee was not nearly as interesting.

    However, the third story, in which Marco was spanked OTK and then strapped by Dexter, was quite a treat. Newcomers to this site probably do not realize that Marco first appeared in Sting videos as a “bottom” 6-7 years ago, and he was a good bottom at that. He gave a very good performance in this story – lots of gasping, grimacing, etc, moaning, futilely trying to fend off Dexter’s spanks, crying out in pain, etc. You could really tell that he was being hurt by his punishment. Dexter, playing the part of “Officer McClelland”, did a good job of meting out the punishment.

    I am not a fan of birching scenes, but Dale Brady made this birching more interesting than most.

    Well done. Please make more videos in the future as good as one.

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