Video Preview for Workshy 5

The Video Preview for

Workshy 5

starring Ryan Conway and Marco

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23 comments on “Video Preview for Workshy 5

  1. Ryan Conway is a good-looking, athletic young man, and his buttocks colored up nicely after his caning and spanking. However, this video would have been better if the following changes had been made:

    1) Ryan’s response to his punishment had been more demonstrative – i.e., more groaning, more grimacing, more “ouch”s and “ow”s, more kicking of the legs, more squirming over Marco’s lap;
    2) after Marco had finished caning Ryan and made him stand next to the wall with his bare bottom exposed for a while, Ryan would have put his briefs back on;
    3) after Marco made Ryan lie over his lap for a spanking, Marco would have spanked Ryan long and hard on the seat of his briefs, and then Marco would pull Ryan’s briefs down in back to below his buttocks and spank him long and hard on his bare buttocks.

  2. Rasputin makes a good point. After standing next to the wall for a while it would’ve been great if Ryan had put his boxer briefs back on. Maybe this could be inculded in upcoming videos. Many of the videos end with an OTK spanking but we often miss out on the guys being spanked over their underwear. This would provide the best of both worlds.

  3. I do so agree with Rasputin and Ethan about the boys’ being allowed to slip back into their underpants after being thrashed with an instrument of punishment, before being laid over the knee and spanked! I would say this to be especially true in the case of Ryan, who always looks SO spankable in his boxer-briefs, which are invariably good and short, the perfect length for smacking! As indeed they are in this clip, though I’d have favoured a darker colour.

    There is a precedent – there are certainly two of the birching videos where the boys have to put their underpants on after the first part of the punishment is over, in preparation for the follow-up over-the-knee spanking. It would just add an interesting and sexy element and would certainly help make a difference to whether or not I purchase a clip, at this time, certainly here in the UK, when we’re all needing to watch our cash and are looking for value for it. Perhaps it wouldn’t need to become a standard feature absolutely every time, but on more occasions than we see at the moment, maybe? It definitely enhances a clip for some of us for whom that is a very significant part of the disciplining of a boy – it isn’t going to take anything away from it.

    This has been mentioned before, by me and others – please will Sting consider it?

    Cliff van Spanking.

    • Thanks for everyone’s input, I will mention this to Sting to see if they can consider acting on the suggestions regarding pants, without making the videos overly formulaic or repetitive.

      I appreciate that many of you need to be careful with cash, and Sting does seek to keep prices low, while remaining viable. They feel the videos are very fairly priced, by comparison with their competitors and the content on offer.

      Sting usually like the actors to react naturally, some are quite demonstrative, like Tim, Travis and Finn, whereas others, like Ryan and Luke Geer, are more Stoic. We could suggest Ryan become more animated, however, it is important that his performance is realistic.

  4. @ Dr. van Spanking – what are the names of the two birching videos in which a lad puts his underpants back on in preparation for the the follow-up OTK spanking? I might just buy those.

    • I’m sorry, Rasputin, I’m afraid I don’t recall the names – I did have a look for the two films I’m referring to, but not a very thorough one, as I’ve not had a lot of spare time recently. However, if you search through the videos that feature the ‘birch’ or ‘birching’, you should find them.

      • One of them is “The Birching Block 14” with Rick Palmer, he puts his pants back on after his birching and then gets spanked – Rick is also quite “animated”

        In “The Museum” Jaydee Black is birched and then puts his pants back on before being spanked

        In “The Coaches Cure 5” Finn Harper is paddled, he thinks his punishment is over and puts his pants on but then gets spanked OTK

  5. Thanks for your response Bruce and hopefully we will see our suggestions on underwear included in some future videos, and as you rightly say without becoming too repetitive and formulaic.
    Case in point is the very latest video with Spencer Lake in ‘Off Pitch’. who is wearing some very tight fitting shorts which look amazing and showcase his great long legs. It would have been a huge plus if Spencer had put the shorts back on before the OTK segment. (another great excuse to see Spencer in those amazing shorts). Also good to see Rich.
    On the models reactions I much prefer the models reacting naturally and find Ryan and Luke Geers reactions just as appealing as Finn or Travis. This adds to the distincitve contirbutions the different guys bring.

    • Worth a look, Ethan – ‘The Coach’s Cure 4’ with young James Lewis and ‘Not very sporting’ with Lucas Taylor. You can see both boys laid over the knee in those incredible short shorts and well and truly spanked! Both lads are a bit smaller than Spencer, so you don’t quite get the same effect as you do with the shorts topping off young Spencer’s long and smackably bare legs, but both of these phenomenally spankable youngsters look boner-makingly punishable across the knee in them! In Lucas’ case, the aesthetics of the smacking, administered very hard by the intractably stern James Holt, are enhanced by the fact that Lucas is wearing a pair of colourful boxer-briefs. Definitely one for your collection if you haven’t already got it!

    • Just in response to Ethan’s comment about Spencer’s shorts in ‘Off Pitch’. Sting has already done two phenomenal videos featuring those incredibly spankable short shorts! Both well worth a look! They are ‘Coach’s Cure 4’ featuring the uberspankable young James Lewis and ‘Not very sporting’ with Lucas Taylor. In both cases, the boys are laid over the knee for a good old-fashioned spanking across their pert and beautifully rounded bottoms! The aesthetics of Lucas’ spanking are enhanced by the fact that he is wearing a very colourful pair of underpants which he is smacked on hard by the intractably stern and strict master played by James Holt! Both boys are a bit smaller than Spencer, so you get a rather different degree of shortness in the shorts and not quite the same display of long and smackably bare legs as you get with Spencer – however, both films offer us a veritable smorgasbord of smacking, and are the most worthy additions to any spnkfan’s collection!

  6. You are welcome. I just noticed that in “The Museum Part 2” both Robin Palmer and Axel Green put their underpants back on after being birched, only to then end up over Marco’s knee

  7. Thanks, guys, for the advice regarding videos in which the spankee puts his briefs back on before being spanked OTK. I was especially impressed by “Birching Block 14”; I bought it. Rick Palmer is a big, handsome, athletic young man, and I am especially turned on by the sight of such a big guy getting spanked OTK like a little kid, and Rick gave an “animated” performance – lots of grimacing, groaning, “Ouch!”es, “Ow!”s, squirming over Marco’s lap, kicking his legs, etc.
    I also liked the way Marco positioned Rick Palmer over his lap for the OTK spanking scene. Marco sat on top of the birching block, and made Rick lie over his lap so that the lad’s hips and buttocks jutted out provocatively while being spanked. Bruce, please ask that future videos have the spankee’s hips and buttocks jut out in the same manner.

  8. Bruce, while we are on the subject of underwear worn in OTK spanking scenes, let me draw your attention to what I think is the ideal underwear to be worn by models being spanked in Sting videos. I am referring to the tight, skimpy, low-rise white briefs worn by Luke Radley while being spanked in “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study, Episode 4 – Forrester’s Affair”. Also, Luke Radley and Rudi Vallance wore the same kind of briefs while being spanked in “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study, Episode 13 – Unlucky for Some!”
    Bruce, please try to use the same kind of briefs in as many future Sting videos as possible.

  9. Okay, Dr. Van Spanking, I am perfectly willing to see coloured briefs instead of white ones. But the briefs should be snug-fitting to accentuate the buttocks, and the coverage on the side should be low. They look a bit like Speedo swimsuits. They are referred to as bikini briefs or low-rise briefs.

    • I agree absolutely about the fit, Rasputin – low-rise briefs are the best for helping to frame a boy’s bottom for smacking! My Naughty Boys are very understanding about wearing bikini briefs (aka ‘mini briefs’) when they come to see me for a spanking, even though they wouldn’t be seen dead wearing them outside my study!

  10. Thanks to all for your feedback

    I will draw the requests for skimpy low-rise briefs to Sting’s attention, I am sure there are some of them in the costume department (I think I recall Robin and Alessandro parading in some in the CFNM video “Work It Michael!”) I have to admit, I too have somewhat of a yearning to see some Sting actors in a pair of skimpy Speedos!

    With regard to colours, we try to include a range of colours and styles to suit as many tastes as possible. However, a number of Sting videos are retro stories, set in the early or middle part of the 20th Century, at which time, male underwear was universally white. Therefore, for the sake of authenticity, and to please those fans with a taste for “tighty whites” – white “boner killers” will still make the occasional appearance!


    • I absolutely understand about the retro scenes, Bruce, and it would be unrealistic to have the lads wearing coloured underpants for any scenario that was set before the late 1960s, when coloured briefs (nylon at the time – KINKEEE!!!) became fashionable. Nor would I argue for a moment that a boy can’t look spankable in a pair of white briefs, because that patently is not the case. I’m only thinking that in modern-day scenarios, white underpants are less realistic, because in my experience teenage lads just don’t wear them. Indeed, in some of the big emporiums where I live, it isn’t possible to buy them. My own Naughty Boys never wear white pants, and that isn’t just because I don’t permit them to – none of them has any. I don’t know if that’s in any way down to my educating them – I’d love to think it was!
      Thanks, by the way, for taking this issue seriously – it would be easy to treat it as a red herring (as opposed to a WHITE herring, hahaha!!!)

  11. Dr. Van Spanking, who are “My Naughty Boys”? Are they handsome, athletic young men that you hire for the specific purpose of spanking them, or what? Do you have your own website?

  12. Thanks for the question, Rasputin. My ‘Naughty Boys’ are a group of eleven young lads aged 18-23 who come to see me on a regular basis for some very strict discipline. In terms of looks and athletic build they vary – one of them is a rugby league player who loves to be laid over my knee and slippered in his rugby strip, which includes VERY short shorts! His girlfriend likes to watch and sometimes join in these sessions and the kids tell me that they always have the most amazing sex after a session with me! What all the boys have in common is slender, boyish physiques, slim hips and very pert spankable bottoms – plus a great enjoyment of being spanked!
    I do have a couple of tumblr sites, but I have an absolute agreement with my boys that, while we might occasionally photograph their spankings, we never ever post post such photographs on line. So, sorry I can’t help where any photographs are concerned.

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