Weight For It!

Gym instructors tend to hope their young trainees will follow a strict schedule of training. This also has to include diet as well as body work outs.

One instructor (Johann Volney) had two students (Lucas Taylor and new lad Joel Cooper) trying to get in to shape.

They are not really helping themselves much, by eating sweet treats when the instructors back is turned.

Of course Mr Volney has the answer to this and decides to concentrate his training more to the gluteal region.



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Meaning in short both lads with get a good bare bottom spanking and that is just to start!!












By Bruce

One thought on “Weight For It! (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Johan is such a DILF and this is the perfect role for him I could imagine him in a gym (obviously) visually Johan does this clip wounders and he looks grest. I like the OTK leg wrap (the skin contact between Johan and the models) it’s all that much more erotically charged especially when the top is as handsome as Johan is who wouldn’t want to dive over Johan’s knees to have their bottoms smacked lol… Naughy!!

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