Where’s Your Homework 2

Where’s Your Homework 2


Playing games and socialising on your phone is all very well but it doesn’t get any homework done! In this guest director short story, It’s not long before one lad (new boy Tony Keit) gets noticed and that the important college work is not getting done. How many warnings does a boy need!

在手机上玩游戏和社交都很好,但它没有完成任何作业! 在这个客座导演短篇小说中,不久之后,一个小伙子(新来的男孩托尼·基特)受到了关注,而重要的大学工作却没有完成。 一个男孩需要多少警告!

His Step Dad (Digiron) is getting quite fed up with this lackadaisical approach to studying and decides it’s time the boy really learned his lessons, perhaps the hard way!



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The best way is to step back in time a little and put this petulant pup over his knee again, as it used to happen …


then follow up with his leather belt, a good stinger on a lads bare backside, to bring back that important memory that he’s expected to behave, do his homework and act his age!


Intrioducing Tony Keit

介绍 Tony Keit




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6 comments on “Where’s Your Homework 2

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the production and new boy Tony who has a lovely smooth bottom. Hopefully Sting will be able to keep him in their team and build up his discipline experience.
    Have seen Tony on other adult sites and think you will find he is from Russia where as the adorable Robin who is so missed is from Prague?

  2. It really is a rare and super treat to see a boy being smacked in briefs, especially coloured briefs! Boys look fabulous in short, tight coloured boxer-briefs, but I always think that briefs have the edge when it comes to spankingwear – something well understood by my own circle of naughty boys!

    I hope we’re going to see a lot more of this drop-dead gorgeous young lad! His youthful good looks and boyish physique make him absolutely perfect for Sting! To say nothing of how much I’m looking forward to seeing what other treasures nestle in the depths of his pants-drawer!

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