WorkShy 3

Another new apprentice is about to start out but it doesn’t look like he’ll be much different to the last one. He learned his lesson the hard way! This new lad (Ryan Conway) seems to have the same ideas about working on the job!

Left alone he’s soon off to do other things. The boss won’t miss him for half an hour and he can catch up before he gets back.


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Like all plans made by otherwise idle boys he’s going to come unstuck. Caught by the boss relaxing in the park he’s hauled back to the site.

Now the on the job training really kicks in Marco style. That piece of long flat timber looks like just the thing to get started.

Of course a good spanking on the lad’s firm rounded bare butt at the end will give him a warm welcome to the job and the duties he’s expected to do!




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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “WorkShy 3”
  1. Well worth purchasing and nice to see Ryan on the receiving end again. He is a tall, handsome and athletic young man with a bottom made for discipline. Certainly Marco gave him a good going over.
    It would be lovely to see a scene again with 2 or more boys being caned or slippered with the likes of Finn, Austin and James Lewis featuring in it. I would certainly pay more for such a release.

  2. Given young Ryan’s recent growth into the role of a spanker (which he does brilliantly!) it is no bad thing for the lad to know that he is not too big to have to bend over for a good smacked bottom; in particular to know that he’s not too old to be laid over the knee to get spanked! I have known the odd boy who has believed that he was too old to be laid across my knee and it has been my painful duty to demonstrate the error of his opinions to him! And in Ryan’s case, the reminder is administered by Marco, whose severe spankings are, I understand, feared by the Sting boys!

    Ryan looks super-spankable and boyish in those shorts and I particularly appreciated the underpants sequence of his spanking! While I would have to be totally honest and say that grey isn’t my favourite colour for punishment underpants (royal-blue, navy-blue and black being my first loves), the important thing is that he is wearing coloured pants and not white boner-killers! And that very minor issue is more than made up for by the fact that this particular pair of boxer-briefs are just the perfect length to frame Ryan’s bottom for discipline, with no seams up the seat to ruin its smackable smoothness! I would love to see the boy laid over the knee in them!

    To discipline young lads effectively, you need to know from personal and painful experience what discipline is! Hence I trust this will not be Ryan’s last lesson on the mater!

  3. Apprentice punished at the job site, his bare hairy butt walloped red, black & blue! A grown man now, so the law says now that you’re 18 or older and you got to take the consequences in front of the other workers or get fired.

  4. Wonderful film! Would love to see Ryan Conway in a tight form fitting business suit getting a hardy & harsh spanking by his supervisor James Holt. I can picture Ryan in a cool oceanic blue suit, then tight & tiny baby blue bikini briefs – his bare backside. I love a business work spanking storyline – people coming in to have the boss Holt sign a memo or expense sheet while he is giving the spanking. Holt actually using poor Ryan, tossed over his knee, as a sort of “signing desk” – maybe even taking a business call as he continues to spank the disappointing junior employee. A sequel of Ryan getting a caning because his work performance did not improve. Then finishing off the trilogy with a congratulation, jocular paddling because he improved. Well – I can dream can’t I?

  5. Thanks for this one. Ryan should be spanked regularly, even if he spanks others. And he should also get the cane. I agree that a spanking starting is business suit would be hot, the employee not reaching targets due to laziness, with the previously agreed “incentives” applied liberally. Even better if others also get it whilst company officials and worker watch.

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