The prestigious Coombe Hall College is
still keeping its newest batch of sixth formers in check.  


One of these
seniors, Bennett (Travis McKinnon) is proving a real handful. He’s been
acting in a most childish way this term, like a junior in fact and the
headmaster sends him to his own Housemaster, Mr Sharpe, to be punished
like one.


Mr Sharpe (Marco) is a no nonsense
master. Senior or not this muscular boy is still going over the knee for
a good spanking. Williams and spanking however just don’t go together
and once over the Housemasters knee, bare bottom raised high, the air
turns red! Well at least Williams’s backside does and so does the air
with his constant expletives as Mr Sharpe’s merciless hand slaps down.
The lad’s firm rounded buttocks are defenceless and no match for a
skilled master. Now with his bare bottom raw and burning the Housemaster
soon has the boy screaming for him to stop.




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 Another lad has also pushed his luck
this term, been badly behaved and is finally caught smoking.  Campbell
(played by new StingLad Adam black) is also sent for a doom laden visit
to Mr Sharpe.
 The boy needs to be taught a lesson he is far too above
himself.  Ordered to strip off his trousers Campbell is soon over Mr
Sharpe’s knee. Very quickly the deep burning sting on his smooth well
rounded bare bottom becomes too much!






 His once blemish free backside is
now on fire but Mr Sharpe has only just got started! Next will be a
good dose of the strap which will surely scold a fiery message in to
this cheeky boy. Behave in future or else! 








By Bruce

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