It’s the turn of the century and Colonel
Lee’s famous Juvenile House of Corrections has received two new cocky
felons straight from the County Court and Police Court


Charles Russell (Joey Whyte) has not
heeded the good advice given to him when entering the House of
He soon earns himself a Governor’s spanking for not acting in
a satisfactory manner.
 This ritual reserved only for senior lads who
can’t behave themselves involves cleansing








  and the application of Chilli
extract …
 Applied first to an especially sensitive part of his anatomy ….
  And them more widely, to definitely gain the attention of the miscreant
This punishment also involves the spanking birch and leaves the boys well
rounded bare bottom red raw, stinging and deeply sore. He certainly
deserved it!



 Another young rogue Arthur Blake (Darren) is sentenced to
the House of Correction from the Country Court.
 He too was given good advice on how to serve his sentence but soon he’s in trouble with the
Senior Warder (Marco) not a man to trifle with. A spanking from the
Senior Warder leaves a boy in no doubt he’s been punished.







Blake’s muscular and protruding bare backside is soon turned a burning red.
However if Blake and young Charles Russell think they have endured the worst of their punishment they are very wrong!! ……


It soon becomes time for Charles Russell
to receive his sentence of birching handed down by the court.


 He is fastened over the birching Pony and the scorching sentence is carried
our leaving his bare bottom burning and raw.



Arthur Blake too can expect his fair share of the birch. His constant bad behaviour leaves the
Governor with no choice but to order him to be punished over the pony.
This time however, following military tradition, a ginger feage is
inserted to really gain the lads attention. The result is it certainly does!







By Bruce

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