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Back down under, the college lads are still rather foolishly infringing the rules of discipline that are always rigorously adhered to. 



One incident had been referred to the Headmaster concerning the young Rugby captain, Robson (New StingLad Luke Adams) He had seen fit to loose his temper, swear at the visiting team captain and threaten to beat him up! 



The Headmaster, privately fond of his colleges Rugby successes, wants to keep his punishment a low profile, so sends him to change in to his PT kit and report to his Housemaster Mr Sharpe. 



Mr Sharpe is known for delivering strict discipline and has a particular dislike for lads who can’t behave like gentlemen on the sports field. He orders Robson to strip of his sports kit completely and puts him across his knee.

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The fit muscular lad has to take a good bare bottom spanking, something he hasn’t had to face in quite a while. 



After this he will grab hold of the end of the Housemaster’s desk, push his freshly spanked bare backside right out and take a licking with the strap.



Its thick fiery bands will burn some common sense in one end if not the other!


Luke Adams plays Robson


The second scene from Kiwi College Part 7


In another incident one lad, Scott (Tommy Martin) has yet again been caught bunking of class. This time however its by the Headmaster and to compound the offence he is smoking too!

  Again he is sent to Mr Sharpe. If the Housemaster has an aversion to ungentlemanly behaviour he certainly hates with a vengeance young lads smoking let alone not attending lessons.


Scott can consider himself one hundred percent guilty and will have to face up to whatever punishment is allotted. In this case to start with it will be bending over and getting a caning from Mr Sharpe’s whippy rattan on his tightly stretched grey shorts. 



After this he will strip off to go over the knee.


The Housemaster learned very early on in his career that spanking a boy on his bare backside after a caning can have a lasting effect if his definitely remembering the punishment is the aim.


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By Bruce

One thought on “Kiwi College – Part 7”
  1. Kiwi college is a delightful series, however I’d like to suggest a few things. Can the guys grey shorts not be tailored in such a way that they are much shorter and tighter. This would not only emphasise butts and buldges, but also those guys with stunning thighs, like leonardo king , darren, don diego and joey whyte. Also love to see them after a hiding being sent to work back at their desks wearing very scanty tight awkwardly revealing white undies, still with the traditional and tops. Mmmmm…would love to see that. Still whatever, feel the sting is an awesome production and most of their work is highly impressive!!!

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