Act Your Age 3

Act Your Age 3

So Peter (James Lewis) thinks it’s okay to run riot with his mates in the local supermarket. It’s all a big joke really, the only problem is the manager Mr Bradley knows who he is and reports the whole event back to Rich. Now on arrival back at base Peter finds himself coming face to face with disciplinary reality.

He’s straight away grounded but immediately pleads that it’s summer!

Well if he wants to act the fool at his age there is a price to pay and Mr Bradley wants to know it’s been paid too!


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He has no choice and quickly realises the only way out is to submit to a good long and hard bare bottom spanking! This is something he hasn’t had to endure for a few years! Sometimes to achieve progression it’s best to go back a bit and start again.




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3 comments on “Act Your Age 3

  1. Okay, this guy James Lewis is the hottest spanking model ever! That face…that butt…those balls… Total package.

  2. This is truly a delight. James does have it all, a smooth bottom, big balls, nice cock and a good looking boy.
    Nice too that Rich is still up to delivering a tremendous hand thrashing.
    Loved those nice tight fitting jeans and super grey briefs.
    Would love to see James teamed up with another excellent boy like Lucas Taylor. Is he likely to make a return Bruce?

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