Bishopsfield Institution an Approved Educational centre for young delinquents provides a stable on going sense of discipline in its programme of retraining. Lads are expected to make the grade and if not trouble surely lies ahead.
One lad, Collins (New StingLad Oscar Hart) has been pushing his luck and raided the tuck shop (College store) On being caught red handed ..


…he is sent to his Housemaster (Johan Volny) to be dealt with.
This young housemaster is in no mood to compromise this time and puts the young Collins over his knee for a good long old fashion bare bottom spanking.



His cheeks grows redder and redder as the Housemasters hand cracks down, the stinging palm, relentless in motion, scorching the lads shapely and well raised bare bottom!


Collins is howling but he’ll be howling more as the cane now makes an appearance. Stealing will not be tolerated! Bent over the chair the swishy rattan cuts home, the lads rounded bare bottom now striped, burning and raw!



 Collins is not alone in the line-up of offenders
Coming bext Xander Holister
In three definition levels


By Bruce

20 thoughts on “Approved Education No: 8 (Part 1)”
  1. Thank you, Sting, for a perfect video. Oscar makes a sensational debut here, obviously very naughty — a thorough gingering should be the follow-up treatment from this housemaster. Of course Oscar in good company: what a treat to have Xander, YELPING as his delicious furry thighs squirm in pain. Can we PLEASE let the hair on their bums grow out? Regardless: highly recommended!!!

    1. Hi There, thanks for the comment. We actually do not shave the guys anymore but they sometimes do that themselves of whcih we have no control over. However we do now try to keep things natural if we can.

    2. Whoa! hold on, some of us like a lovely smooth bum, like Tigger’s, Matt Mills and the incredible Darren LOL

  2. Comparing Sting videos to the still photos is always a bit frustrating: can we please see a few wider shots every now and then that incorporate the legs and feet?

  3. We’ll do what we can of course or maybe just scrap the HQ photos as they are done separately. We could do screen grabs like everybody else if that’s better. Let us know what you all think on this issue, the last thing we want is people frustrated by the photo sets.

    1. No please don’t scarp HQ photos I like to save my favs when I buy the vids. If you do I’ll beat you… Lol

    2. ​With respect Jonathan I think you have misunderstood what Anonymous 09:12 is saying, I don’t think he is complaining about the HQ pictures, what I think he is saying is that it would be nice to see more wider shots in the videos. In some of the recent videos, once the action starts the film zooms in to close ups of the boys bottom or face. The close ups are wonderful, really hot, please continue doing them, But it would be nice to see a few more wider views as well, where you can see the boys whole body in the same shot, like you can in those magnificent, sizzling hot, HQ photos of the new boy Oscar Hart. (Phew!)

      Also when the boys are naked like Travis and Rudy were in Approved Education 7 (a special favorite of mine) it would be be great to see their whole hot bodies, face, butt and bare feet on screen at the same time, and then pan in and out of the close ups. With the High Definition film you are now using you can do that without losing definition.

      Please don’t be offended – This is NOT a complaint, I have never yet been “frustrated” by anything Sting has made, and I would not presume to tell you haw to make movies (You are the best in business at that) just a request for more extra wide angle shots as well as the close ups.

      From a committed fan of stings ever since I discovered you in 2008 – who will be buying Approved Ed 8 today

    3. Thank you, Stewart, for clarifying my initial comment. Jonathan: please don’t scrap the HQ photos but do consider Stewart’s suggestions here.

    4. Hi Stewart and Anonymous, Your comments on this are most valid and thanks for clarifying it all. We won’t now be scrapping the HQ pictures and will do out best to get some wider shots in to the stories.

      One problem we have had of late is having to move our current studio. We are using a smaller studio at the moment for some of the shooting which is making wider shots a little more problematic. However our new place will be ready very soon now so both lighting, props, costumes and camera grip equipment will have a far more spacious home.

      A special thank you to you Stewart and it goes without saying really that we absolutely do value your input and custom, we’ll be breaking out the wise lenses tomorrow 🙂

  4. Great acting from both boys, Xander was on good form as usual and Oscar is a real find. An excellent video which I recommend

    1. Thanks, actually we had to persuade Xander to stay on in this business as he wanted to give it all up. I think he’s made the right decision to shoot a few more stories. Oscar is new to spanking but did very well on his first shoot with us, albeit was a little bit nervous to say the least

    2. Please let Xander know he has a HUGE admirer in the USA and certainly many, many more elsewhere, I am sure.

  5. Oscar Hart is wonderful, great face, great persona and a convincing actor (or was he acting? Volny;s hands look like they could hurt)

    Only problem is Oscar is too hairy, hair on the small of the back is just not sexy. If he gets rid of that he’d be perfect.

    Bags I get to do the waxing

    1. Oh heck well there you have it! I think the best we can do is look out for models who display the sorts or virtue loved by both hairy and non hairy lovers. 🙂

    2. Hi SirCrispin, thanks for your positive comment regarding Oscar. We shall pass on to him that he is developing a fan base. I think too we might just be able to trim the part you are referring too a little.

  6. Theres so many old videos that are so hot !! Oscar bending bare butt and Xander bending streching out those grey shorts……OH Man its seriously delicious!

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