Part 2 of Sting’s latest download Approved Education 8 
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In addition to Collin’s  punishment – in scene one of this video, another boy, Roberson (Xander Hollister), in trouble last time for dealing in illicit goods has now been sent to the Headmaster for misbehaving in class. Ordered to bend over and touch his toes the grey shorts his is wearing perfectly hug his globe like backside. The head is selecting a swishy rattan cane to lay on a good twelve strokes, well-earned in his opinion! Robertson grits his teeth and the wicked rattan cracks home.

Twelve red hot strokes later with two extra laid on for good luck, well more that he won’t forget in a hurry really, Robertson is ordered to stand up, believing its over.

Unfortunately with his bottom burning the rebellious lad whispers an expletive quickly picked up by the sharp ears of the head. Not used to such behaviour he orders Roberson to strip off his shorts. This insolent boy in now in for a hell of a spanking!

Now over the knee his curved bare bottom is being scolded by the Head and eventually towards the end a series of rapid fire slaps are laid on! 

Roberson howls but finally it’s going to be the old wooden rice spoon that does the trick, burning his bare bottom to final submission.

No more curses are heard from young Robertson, and with a bottom as sore as that quite rightly so!

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Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)

In three definition levels

By Bruce

14 thoughts on “Approved Education No: 8 (Part 2) – including preview video”
  1. Gotta love seeing a guy jewels when’s his spanked just makes the spanking like 100× better..

    1. Thanks for the positive comment re the film but I have to tell you that at no time was the film speeded up, others might do that but we certainly don’t! In any event the sound pitch would change including Xanders vocals. Rich is very good at rapid fire spanking.

  2. Three of your best performers including the top. Oscar is a hairy little chap, not to my taste, but I will forgive him on account of his acting

  3. Can we have the lads stand up and remove there boxers/briefs its more humiliating for them more kinky for us. Aww how naughty..

  4. What happend to Dan? Wow I was going thru a few pics and he was so sexy I wounded if he looks the same or has he a walking stick lmfao…

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