Army Cadets 4 : Training in the 12th Field Cavalry Regiment is ridged; these troopers are expected to display the finest qualities in young military cadets. Discipline is important and needed to maintain a high standard but there are still those cadets who don’t make the grade.
Trooper Charles (Nicholas Slater) is certainly one of those and he is quickly dispatched to Sergeant Chambers for an off the record punishment.
38In time honoured fashion the Sergeant will quickly have the young cadet’s bare backside matching a red coat as he lies yelping over his knee.

However this time the CO has suggested a thrashing with the birch would be an excellent follow up! In the military this can often mean a single freshly cut whippy birch branch rather than a bunch of twigs.
44Trooper Charles is certainly getting his stripes but these really burn, not in the way he may have wanted.
To Be Continued (Next Up Darren!!)
Video Trailer to follow

Staring Darren, Rudi Vallance, Nicolas Salter and Marco


By Bruce

One thought on “Army Cadets Part 4 (Part 1 0f 3)”
  1. 2-3 years late but none the less.

    This is a great download featuring a great line up of good-looking models and if your not sure about what clips to buy with Rudi this has one of his best OTK scenes… it was hard and stern and there’s a lot of “deep breaths of pain” to be seen! Marco was very mean in this so it was only right he got a taste at the end.

    I’m normally a fan of the guys taking off there clothes (trousers/pants(US)/underwear) completely but I actually liked seeing there shorts half way up there legs whilst they where being spanked OTK… very erotic!

    My favoured spanking of the 4 was with Rudi OTK!

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