The Punishment Room three stars Rudi Vallance and new Sting lad Ariel Varga

The police courts have been busy again and two new inmates have joined
the other young miscreants sentenced to time at the infamous House Of

Arther Falconer (Rudi Vallance) and John Butler (New
Sting lad Ariel Varga) have not settled in well. Both have been extremely
insolent badly behaved in the first few weeks. The governor will stand
none of this and both lads are ordered to be given hard spankings to
demonstrate to them this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. … and that’s just the start

Introducing Ariel Varga as John Butler a tender fair skinned lad, who’s little white 18 year old bottom really shows the redness of a spanking

Young Butler soon finds himself bare bottomed over the chief Warder’s knee

As an older and more muscular lad Arther Falconer (Rudi Vallance) finds a stinging bare bottomed spanking, across Warder Volny’s knee, as embarrassing and humiliating as it is painful!

Both lads may have found the spankings painful – but their punishment has only just begun

Further images from Sting’s latest download “The Punishment Room 3” Set in the highly regarded House of Correction

John Butler (played by Ariel Varga)has infuriated the Chief Warder to such an extent that an in
house punishment order has been made. He is to report to the punishment
room for a good dose of the strap. Butler is told to position himself
over the strapping fame and the flogging begins. His pale vulnerable
bare bottom quickly begins to turn red as the old leather strap sears
down on to its defenceless target.

 Butler is a tough young man and
takes his punishment well but his very sore backside will keep the
memory of discipline laid on for some time to come.

​Meanwhile ​Arther Falconer​ (Rudi)​, has been handed down a court sentence of the Birch​, and now the time has come for this to be carried out. 

In the punishment room he
is order to strip naked and take position on the birching table. The
leather strap is placed and secured across the small of his back and
Warder Volny takes up the Birch.

This instrument is well prepared and
has been soaked in brine to make the twigs as pliable as possible. The
first few strokes although stinging like fury make Falconer think this
is going to be easy but as the birching progresses he soon realises why
this instrument is so feared among the other lads. 

By the time the last stroke falls his bare backside is scorching as if his bottom has been
exposed to the sun all day



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