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When the Landlord returns from the kitchen he’s got the riding whip in his hands. Ross knows only too well this thing can give a fiery painful lash on your bare bottom, especially after a spanking. Peter however has never had it but is about to find out.

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Things are hotting up, this isn’t going to as easy as they thought! If the riding whip’s not bad enough now the landlord got his hands on the clothes brush. The back of this on a boys bare bottom scolds like nothing else. 

These lads are very quickly regretting not going to college but now its too late!…crack!

 The (Very sore) end

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By Bruce

One thought on “Bad Lads 4 (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure if I’d like this clip but it was surprisingly good in many ways, the trailer doesn’t do this clip justice in my opinion.

    Firstly having 2 lads get spanked in the same room at the same time one after the other was very humiliating and one of the best set-ups Sting have done this year (I hope to see it again). I don’t know what it was but it felt like there wasn’t much acting needed as the lads looked genuinely embarrassed to be spanked in each others vicinity. Robin’s little smirks and grins made it so much more fun to watch.

    I loved how all the models had so little room and was all in close proximity of each other. Robin getting undressed right next to Johan he looked every bit embarrassed by it and not forgetting to mention Johan is looking rather dapper and sexy in this particular clip, he is such a handsome top and his performance has improved so much he actually really has a good hard slap in him, he really can go for it if he lets himself… ouch! I also loved Johan taking down the guys trousers really neat touch to add to the already embarrassing set-up of this clip. Another thing is I didn’t think I’d like the switch-up half way through the OTK but it really worked well in adding to the humiliation of having to get up… then go to the wall… then back over the knee again… very good!

    My only quibble would be if it was with Adam Black or another model that I liked instead of Tim Law (as he isn’t really my type) but that doesn’t take away from the greatness of the whole set-up/idea.

    I would like to ask that Johan master’s the last Sting skill of “RAPID FIRE”

    PS. I must apologise to Sting for my reservations on this clip based from watching the trailer. The full clip was very enjoyable harbouring strong elements of humiliation and hard spanking, this makes this a great download worthy of owning.

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