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The Birching Block 8

At Seaton Grange the old wooden birching block has been placed in position. Yet again two unruly gentleman are to be taught some manners whilst kneeling, bare bottoms raised high, on its well worn step. The birches, freshly soaked, are ready to use. The condemned boys will soon be stripped and waiting for the ominous command Go down sir!*

Two senior boys both carrying the name of James have been carpeted in front of the Headmaster for various offences. Both lads do not want their parents informed of their antics whilst boarding away so will settle for the punishment of birching, an age old custom of this particular college.



The first, Hilton (Bob Stone) for indulging in too much alcohol when he should know better


He will pay for his indulgence with a very sore bottom

The master who duty it is to lay on the punishment is Mr Sharpe.





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He also, especially with unruly senior boys, likes to end the session with a good spanking.

If they act like juniors they’ll be treated as such! For an older boy going over the knee of a master again to have your bare bottom smacked is just a little bit embarrassing. Its hard not to show it too after those cruel twigs have so effectively swished your bare bottom raw already.





In the second scene a second lad, Hunter (played by Rudi Vallance) will receive his punishment


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By Bruce

One thought on “The Birching Block 8 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. I’m so happy and overjoyed to see one of my favourite models to have worked with Sting come back again of course we’re talking about Rudi. I make no secret that seeing a guy get a hard hand spanking on an already sore bottom is like eating a sugar doughnut, it’s sweet and exciting! Make no mistakes that Rudi getting “Rapid Fire” was long overdue! I’m glad he got given it in the end, it was what made the OTK scene so great for me. Rudi facial expressions was a picture his face said it all, glimpses of pain in a way that could only be achieved by that scorching 🔥Rapid FIRE🔥 (I’m sure every guy is dreading that one part of the spanking us spanking fans enjoy watching, it’s the most exciting part, provokes a good reaction everytime) it’ great how Marco carried on spanking for a little while after which I also like because it makes it all that more intense, although I think Rudi should have got double for his haircut lol, none the less he still looks great!

    The other guy also looks quite good and took a good spanking but I was too distracted by Rudi to pay him as much attention lol.

    I’d like to see a modern scene with Rudi. I was thinking maybe Rudi got drunk at a family gathering and made a fool out of somebody or himself or smashed something very expensive and uncle Marco/Johan (who he lives with) gave him what for, maybe a setting in a bedroom on the bed would be brilliant… I don’t think we have seen Rudi spanked OTK on a bed yet that would be a great sight.

    Overall very enjoyable.

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