Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation “Bad Lads 1 to 4”

The Latest Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation is

Bad Lads Parts 1 to 4


The Four Videos in this compilation are:


When lads start to boldly discover their limits, good discipline is essential. There’s always the temptation to go that bit further and test the patience of their elders and betters. This puts them on an inevitable collision course towards disaster and a day of reckoning will surely follow!

Billy Webb (Robbie Kasl) is becoming far too irresponsible in the way he uses his catapult not realising the damage it can do. Finally one of the stones he launches smashes into the windscreen of the neighbours car. This reckless act causes the owner to make a large payout to have the damage repaired. Billy needs to be taught a lesson!

He needs a stinging reminder of how to behave and that’s just what he’s going to get. Over his knee his muscular bottom is going to be turned red raw. The spanking will be hard and hopefully burn some sense into the bottom of the problem.

Billy wriggles and yelps across his knee but this unfortunately for him is just a warm up.


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The whippy rattan carpet beater will make a fine instrument to follow on over the sore spanking.

Billy’s bottom is scorched, throbbing aching and it will be the strap that finally drives the lesson home!

Martin Dale (Joshua Clark) has also pushed his luck too far and used a credit card without permission.

Everyone is furious and as he’s been given so many chances it felt a real hiding might now be the best answer. He’s ordered to bend over and a caning is laid across his tight jeans. He hasn’t been punished like this for a while and the biting rattan certainly finds its mark.

However, now he is ordered to strip off the jeans and bare his backside! Reluctantly Martin does as he is told. The cane stripes are still stinging but now his hand is colliding painfully with his bare bottom. It seems never ending. The sting is building at each slap, his red raw backside feels like it’s on fire.

He might have used the card but he’s going to pay back now with painful interest for sure!


These two scoundrels are to say the least a handful. Their long-suffering landlord(Johann Volny) has his work cut out to maintain some sort of discipline in the household. However, when enough is enough he certainly knows how to put his foot down!

Jamie (Eric Franke) decides it would be great fun to pelt the next door neighbour with a water bomb. The neighbour thinks it is Ross, Jamie’s mate (Robin Palmer)

Furious that one of the boys is blackening the family name Mike decides to put Ross over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking, never mind he is protesting his innocence! Mr Nemec has heard it all before!


Later of course the truth is out, it’s discovered that Ross is in fact really an innocent party. Its time for Mr Denisa to act again! This time its young Jamie that’s going to get an over the knee spanking. His trousers are pulled down and over he goes.

Slap after slap turns his pale little bare backside a deep red. Now the door is ajar and Ross too is getting a good view of the punishment taking place, much to the embarrassed annoyance of Jamie.

The time Mr Denisa is not going to let Jamie off easily and next he is ordered over the end of the sofa to get a good dose of a strap! His bare bottom is well scolded already from the spanking but now the sting of the old leather strap is going to burn like fire. At the end, if nothing else, he’s going to really need a cold water bomb to blow the pain away!


The Scoundrals (Robin Palmer as Ross and Eric Franke as Jamie) are at it again with their bad behaviour, only this time its in college looking at things they shouldn’t look at on a computer in Mr Sharpe’s office!

Clearly not impressed Mr Sharpe pulls out to chairs on which they should kneel. He quickly starts off the punishment with his well known and feared heavy hand spanking knowing that both their knees and bums are starting to feel unhappy. Not happy with this position Mr Sharpe wastes no time and stands them up and gets their jeans down.

First over the knee goes Ross with his as always arrogant expression which is soon going from his face as Mr Sharpe’s hand starts its painful rhythm. His bum is already now starting to glow. Ross has to lose his underwear now and crack and slap now he can really feel the message from Mr Sharpe’s hand.

Next in line is Jamie, whilst Ross left standing against the wall with his now reddened bum on show Jamie quickly receives the same uncomfortable spanking that his trouble making Ross just received. Unable to help himself, Ross turns around to watch… Big mistake Mr Sharpe doesn’t miss a thing and snaps at him to turn back to the wall and the spanking continues.

Both standing by the wall Mr Sharpe takes another glance at what they were looking at and is disgusted that would look at that in college. He decides that they need another reminder and with hands up on the wall they are both spanked at the same time during which Jamie blames Ross for this.

Hearing the lad saying this again the spanking intensifies with each contact more painful than before.


Two lads who should be in college have decided to bunk off, get some beers in and play video games instead. Much more preferable to studying as far as they are concerned.

Things get out of hand and at the same time the landlord (Johann Volny) walks in, back early from work. For Ross (Robin Palmer) and Peter (Tim Law) the game is up and they are caught red handed! There’s no excuse, good money is being found to keep Ross in college and Peter doesn’t want anyone to find out he’s not been attending college either. They are ordered to go to the lounge.

The lads are pretty laid back thinking they are older now, so what, a spanking isn’t going to hurt so much. Little do they know this time more than a spanking in mind.

The trousers and pants are down now and over the knee, backsides bare, it’s a bit embarrassing to feel the stinging impact of his palm. He can hit pretty hard, their little bare bottoms turning red – but now, as they stand waiting and wondering why he’s gone to the kitchen they suddenly find out.

He’s got the riding whip in his hands. Ross knows only too well this thing can give a fiery painful lash on your bare bottom, especially after a spanking. Peter however has never had it but is about to find out.

Things are hotting up, this isn’t going to be as easy as they thought! If the riding whip’s not bad enough now the landlord got his hands on the clothes brush. The back of this on a lad’s bare bottom scolds like nothing else. These lads are very quickly regretting not going to college but now it’s too late!…crack!



Bad Lads Parts 1 to 4


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4 comments on “Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation “Bad Lads 1 to 4”

  1. Hi Bruce. Couple of questions. One of my favourite models is Jerry Bosak any news of a return to Sting? Be great to see more of him.
    James Holt – will he be on the receiving end in any updates? He looked amazing in the latest video with Finn.
    Huge Finn Harper fan and appreciate all his videos — can we look forward to another update soon?
    Thanks to everyone for consistency and quality in these challenging times!

    • Hi Ethan,

      I don’t have a definitive answer to your first two questions, but will see what I can find out. The last I heard about Jerry was that he has a new full time job outside the film industry, I don’t know if that means he has fully given up filming, or will back at a later date. Obviously Sting will be more than happy to work with him again if he is available.

      I don’t know if there are any plans for James Holt to appear in a bottom role, he has very much become one of Sting’s regular dispensers of discipline, and seems comfortable in that role.

      I wiil seek updates on both actors

      However, as far as young Finn Harper is concerned I am sure that naughty boy will be back over someone’s knee again very soon! He never learns his lesson! ,

  2. Hi Bruce
    Thanks for your quick reply. Hopefully Jerry will be back at some point and will be looking out for any updates on James (he looked great in his recent role with Finn)
    Good news to hear that Finn never learns his lesson!

  3. I can only echo Ethan’s appreciation for Jerry Bosak. I really miss seeing him with his long hairy legs and firm, furry arse being put over someone’s knee and getting a spanking.

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