Colonial College 7

The staff are still hot on the heels, and a certain other body part, of those young scallywags who want to bend the rules too far! The Heads study has been busy with visitors all There for various misdemeanour’s and always an excuse in hand that doesn’t wash.

The first boy is Gerry Waters (Robin Palmer) he’s played a practical joke that’s really backfired for him and is sent packing to his Housemaster to be dealt with.

A stiff caning on the shorts is an almost certainty,

…then of course the bare bottom.


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This is a somewhat painful prelude to a good hot, over the knee, spanking, again on an already burning and well caned backside!







Robin Palmer plays Gerry Waters



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Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Colonial College 7 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Wow, three videos over the last seven days — a Sting record?

    That Robin Palmer is always a pleasure, but I’d like to plead my case for him — and other boys — to be seen bending over wooden chairs, being draped over arms of leather/cushioned chairs, and/or standing over desks. I feel this used to happen a lot in the past and we may have a rut on our hands. The trouble of late is, the boys don’t really touch their toes, they just sort of bend at the get-go, which makes it less appealing for me personally — you don’t really see the struggle. There were certainly some missed opportunities here. The early days of the “Headmaster’s Study” series had some gorgeous and now classic images, and I think that era of positioning/use of implements should serve as a template rather than a “been there/done that.”

    In domestic situations, such as “A Doctor Calls,” I have seen a tendency to have more creative and liberal use of positioning, whether or not it really fits a bill of “authenticity,” and I respectfully urge that to happen more in house/headmasters’ study scenarios.

  2. I would like to formally apply to adopt Robin. I would see that he is well fed and looked after, and apart from the regular spankings and having his pants confiscated from time to time, he would want for nothing.

    Such an arrangement would also make me a very happy person, and I am sure that happiness would rub off on young Robin.

    Where do I apply?

  3. Robin is very cute. He has charisma , a good looking intellegent interesting face , very sexy eyes and a verrrry spankable bum . Little things like being led by the tie , make a huge impact . I found that very erotic indeed . Oh and who could blame Uncle Don … I’d adopt a whole bunch of Sting guys if I could mmmmmmm oh yes

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