Crime and Punishment 2

Law breakers at the turn of the century faced far harsher penalties than are handed out today. Rehabilitation through hard work and the infliction of flogging for many offenses was consider the norm. Both the cane, birch and whip were used in many County Reformatories and Houses of Correction, sometimes as an extra sentence ordered by a Judge or Magistrate who thought the miscreant before him too big for his boots.

In this return to 1900 episode one lad (Ryan Conway) is sent to the House Of correction

He punishment will start with a good flogging!


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..but it will continue with special orders from the Judge that he receive an additional good, over the knee, spanking in the manner of a naughty boy, for his petulance and cheek towards the court. This new inmate’s retraining is to begin with a stinging start!

Ryan Conway plays the sore bottomed convict




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By Bruce

13 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment 2”
  1. When the judge gave him 30 days in the county jail, at first Ryan thought he was getting off easy. Then came the next punishment: that his bare rump is gonna get whipped 20 lashes every other day.

  2. While sailors, criminals and circus performers were those who generally had tattoos at the turn of the century, these tats were generally limited to nautical, patriotic, and religious designs. You go to such trouble to make your scenes so authentic looking then choose to whack the bum of a heavily tattooed 21st century lad. Why?

    1. Hi Pat
      thanks for your comment, The actor, Ryan, is playing a criminal, and criminals, as you state, are a group that would have had tattoos at the time this video is set. I note that Ryan’s tattoos are different to those which would have been more common in Victorian times. unless, of course, prior to his life of crime he had been a sailor and had been tattooed in one of the more exotic parts of the empire.

      Sting does go to great efforts to produce authenticity, but they do not have a Hollywood budget, or the luxury to cast actors with authentic period body art. Hence the audience must allow for their imagination to do some of the heavy lifting.

  3. Am I the only regular waiting eagerly for a new Stinglad ? As much as I appreciate Ryan, Finn, Curtis and Austin, a new face would be a welcome addition.

  4. Pat I agree I think Sting should contact Charles Darwin maybe he has a few young models lined up… Swan we are all waiting for new models I have a hunch Covid might be a part of the problem but i am sure they will get some new fellas. All the other studios are using the same butts it seems as well.

  5. The current situation is that new actors are a lot less easy to find than they were a few years back. However, Sting is always on the outlook for new faces (and bottoms) and hope to feature some in the near future.

      1. Yes he did guys and he got a HARD spanking for that tattoo Marco didn’t go easy on him so perhaps we should plus!! Anywho tattoos aren’t all that bad it’s about what make that individual happy and if they like tattoos that’s fine it’s not a big deal really we sometimes have to use our imagination as Bruce says. 👍🏻

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