Episode 2 of Tales from the Headmaster’s study – A Sting in the Woods stars Damien Drake, together with new actors Corin Fischer and Billy Roham

One of the Heads favourite pastimes is bird watching, birding or ‘twitching’ as it’s known in the USA.

 On this same fine summers afternoon the 5th formers are engaged in a cross country run. All except three lads that is, who decide it’s a great time to bunk off and enjoy a forbidden smoke, the unlucky lads soon get caught …..






 First all three boys receive a hard bare bottom spanking then they are sent into the woods to cuts switches ….
 The naughty trio must endure the burning sting of each other’s chosen switch. The freshly cut whippy instruments are bought down with a swish by the head and each cross country runway feels the biting sting of nature’s very own instrument of correction. As the stripes are laid on they all know if they deviate from the route again whilst on a cross country run they will certainly be in for another sting in the woods.




By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study – Episode 2 – A Sting in the Woods”
  1. Billy and Corin (and Damian too for that matter) really seem to enjoy being whacked! I’m sure I saw grins on their faces. Particularly enjoy watching Corin’s physical reactions, and his squeals! A great little video!

  2. Great stuff however I would love to see a remake of this movie with the following changes. The master would be joel varga. The three boys would be leonardo king, darren and, still damien drake. They’d ne wearing shorter tighter shirts and their pants and undies would be totally discarded. All three boys would have their heads shaved freshly smooth. Oh yeah!!! That would be seriously HOT!!!!

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