The second scene from:

Demon Prefect.


Next to be caught out is Danny Green (Adam Black) he likes a smoke too but not necessarily cigarettes. Birch is pretty sure he’s in possession of some illegal substances and orders him to turn out his pockets.


Of course he finds what he’s looking for and the contents of a certain small tin also condemn Green to a good stinging caning and an over the knee bare bottom spanking.



This new Prefect is quickly getting a reputation, no wonder the other boys are starting to call him the demon!


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Adam Black played Danny Green

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 Sting Pictures

Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “The Demon Prefect (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. This is brilliant. Luke Adams seems to be taking to his role as prefect with relish.

    I loved his cocky attitude at the end, when he takes the other boy’s contraband

  2. To continue LUKE,S beauty should be enhanced and flaunted. Bronzed up in speedos or other tight teasing shorts to show off his luscious body and that with a sultry brooding face and an aptitude for dominating. This makes him a marvelous option for guys that love hotboy spankers. Also love the constract between a silky smooth self assured top boy and a slighty rough submissive spankee. Just a qick note on ADAM .. Boyish spankees are not normally my favourite however of all the twinkish types Adam would be my favourite. He has a submissive masculine charm and a superb bouncy bum to go with it. Keep up the great work Sting !!!!

  3. If I made a movie with Luke, I’d have him all pampered up. With longer hair on top I’d have his hair blow dryed with a heavy fringe or cowlick. I’d bronze his face and entire body so his all shiny and silky Am I’d put him in a bright blue scanty speedo and let him supervize some naughty garden pool men outdoors with a riding crop. The servants would be wearing nothing but short whit t shirts… perhaps James Holt with short shaved hairstyle and Rudi or Ryan Conway or Don Diego with even shorter shaved hair. Ok I’m done for now before I get too carried away. …

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