Finn 1900

Finn 1900

Finn Harper goes retro in this 1900s style story. The birch, immortalised as an instrument of punishment in the Algernon Swinburne poems The Flogging Block, is featured first.

Finn plays Croft, a boy who is lazy and insolent and finds himself having to report to the Governor of the correctional institution he has been sent to.

He is ordered to take down his breeches and bend over a chair. With his bare backside thrust out.


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The stinging moist bundle of birch switches will do their job. Growing in intensity, it’s not long till the lads bottom is red and scorching.

Of course in true House or Correction style this young whippersnapper will be ordered to strip naked and get a good humiliating spanking too. Not the sort of thing you’d want though after a birching and it’s going to sting like hell!




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12 comments on “Finn 1900

  1. HRH you are 100% right a terrific production.
    Finn makes a brilliant Reformatory boy and one with an outstanding physique and a most thrashable bottom. Looks to after the birching that despite the pain he was in his willy would not take to much effort to get excited.
    Bruce while I never tire of seeing Finn are Sting finding it difficult to attract new talent? it would be nice to see some new models soon.

    • Hi Michael and HRH thanks for your comments, I am pleased you enjoyed the video..

      In reply to your question about models , it can be difficult to find the right caliber of models, who not only can take the punishment and can act but also look good at the same time!! This is why, when Sting finds a good model like Finn, James Lewis, Tom Malone, Austin and others they try to make plenty of use of them.

      However, you will be pleased to hear there is a new boy scheduled to shoot tomorrow, and another next week, so, provided they turn up, you should be seeing new models soon.

  2. Another great one with Finn and Marco – I could watch these two all day! Finn seems to look great in everything he wears (or takes off!) and delivers the characteristic facial expressions and whimpers that we all know and love. I have to wonder, did Finn agree to a second birching only with Marco’s promise to NOT finish it off with a round of rapid-fire whacks like he delivered in the Birch Block 15 clip? Has Finn ever been paddled with the rice paddle? Would love to see a domestic video where he is made to retrieve it (I loved the walk of shame that Robin did in Drive me Crazy, and his reluctance to hand the belt over to Marco) and is paddled OTK with it.

    Looking forward to seeing some new faces (and bottoms) but please keep the Finn productions coming!

    • Hi AF
      Finn was spanked with a wooden kitchen spatula which he had to go and collect bare bottomed in his one CFNM video “Last Chance” but not in a M/M video yet, so I will pass your suggestion on to Sting.

      I don’t know if Finn Negotiated a non-rapid fire deal for his latest birching , but I am sure he was sore enough by the time he went over Marco’s knee! 

    • Question: What is the point of spanking someone with an OBJECT over the knee when the spanker can just use his hand? Pointless.

  3. Finn is excellent in this – as always.

    I’d really love to see another scene featuring both Finn and James Lewis. Bruce, do you know if Sting have any plans to bring them together again? Something with them dressed as army cadets or naughty school boys (in shorts) would be great.

    • Hi D

      I don’t know if Sting have any plans to to pair James and Finn again, but I will pass your suggestion on to them.
      Both are in some demand at the moment, so they may need to set up a Go Fund me appeal to cover their combined fees!! LOL

      • Thanks Bruce!

        Yes, looking around other sites, Finn and James seem to be pretty prolific! 🙂

        They both push the boundaries a lot of what they seem willing to try, so it would be great to see either of them involved in future Hornet productions if Sting have any plans to do those again.

  4. Finn is always on his game and looks great. Any plans for Finn & James Holt ? seems a while since we’ve seen them together.
    Please keep featuring Finn as much as possible. Be good to see Jerry Bosak back again too.

  5. For those who enjoy Finn as much as I do, a couple of the latest “Making Of” videos on the Sting Lads fan page have been Finn’s (Cadet Harper and Dexter’s Noise Control), and there are others of his and Austin’s and Robin’s too. Hoping for more soon, would love to see Making Of for Act Your Age or Discipline USA 16!

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