Finn’s Final Warning

Being sent home in disgrace from work doesn’t go down too well with Marco. The boy lacks a sense of responsibility, unfortunately like many lads of this era. Luckily Marco has a persuader from another era to bring some sense back in to this wayward lads head.


He is the owner of an original antique clothes whip. A devilish leather tailed flogger!


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The little demon works equally well on a boys bare bottom as it does on materiel. Time to clean up his act for him. Starting on the seat of his trousers Finn could really do without this dusting but he’s earned it!


As he has also earned the over the hard knee spanking that will surely follow!

Has Finn learnt his lesson? We shall see!


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Finn’s Final Warning – in 4K Definition


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Finn’s Final Warning – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

14 thoughts on “Finn’s Final Warning (4K)”
  1. What a wonderful video! I’m so glad that Sting decided to go with Finn for their next foray into 4K. I have to say I really noticed the difference this time, & hope they will provide more in future. Finn is his usual wonderful self, providing a full range of expressions in response to his whipping. Marco is also very much on form. That whip seems a formidable instrument, leaving impressive welts, and encouraging young Finn to move around a fair bit. I think his much put-upon backside was even quivering a bit at one stage. How did he find it, compared to the cane? Regardless, many thanks to him for a sterling performance , & to Marco too!

  2. I enjoyed this clip (for the most part) there’s some really hot shots of Finn at the table I especially liked when Finn’s junk is on full display as he removes his boxer briefs. The over-the-knee was hot and sexy I only wish Finn had been made to spread his legs as I wasn’t able to see Finn’s junk as he was getting spanked for me that is the arousing part of a spanking clip but as a whole I enjoyed this release…. Also I’m very grateful to see Sting releasing content in 4K UHD that’s very exciting for us spanking fans.

    Ps. I nominate Finn for a bedroom spanking I’d love to see him get a good hard OTK spanking on the bed like Evan got from Marco in “Evan’s Day Off” that would be great! 👍🏻

  3. Indeed an excellent video and of the current Sting models our Finn is the best, I too would love to see him get a ‘hard on’ and when getting up from being bent over displaying it in its full glory.
    When teaching the odd more senior boy when disciplined with my slipper would show a bulge in the front of his trousers and now one of my adult boys gets likewise excited.
    Don’t personally like the whip/martinet implement and would rather see cane slipper or strap.
    A good view this one is, for all us Finn fans. Thank you Finn for so willingly displaying your lovely bottom to us,

  4. Finn certainly does it for me. Though it would be nice to see him sitting down (maybe for forced reflection, or to do lines?) on a hard seat afterwards (preferably bare ass). His mileage might differ…

    1. Hi Vince

      I have passed your suggestion on to Sting. I think they have shown a lad esperincing difficulty sitting after a Spanking, but not rcently, and it certainly be fun to watch, hopefully they will include it again soon


      1. Thanks, Bruce, I’d definitely like to see Finn trying that, particularly on one of those translucent chairs!

  5. I’m glad you seem to be recovered from COVID_19!

    The whip on this sweet lad’s bottom of course reminds me of the legendary French Martinet. Must hurt like the fires of hell. 🙂

    1. Hi Horst

      Yes, I am told the Martinet sting like the fires of hell with a few hornets added in for good measure! Poor Finn must have been a bit sore after that.

  6. Hi. I am from France, home of martinet. This is my first comment here. And I could not help to say a great Bravo for 1/ the martinet which seems to be an authentic old one – very difficult to find nowadays and 2/ the way you administer it. And of course as usual a very good OTK hand spanking. Of course, the poor guy has a so spankable bottom… Finally 4K make all that movie a great movie. Many thanks.

    1. Hello Phillipe . I very pleased that you enjoyed the film, and thought it seemed authentic, The Martinette is an original antique, and we believe it is quite rare.
      (Bonjour Phillipe. Je suis très heureux que vous ayez apprécié le film et que vous ayez pensé qu’il semblait authentique, La Martinette est une antiquité originale, et nous pensons que c’est assez rare).

  7. Finn and Marco in a domestic scene…Sting Gold! And Finn’s expressive face and lovely bottom (and the way he moves it around) is just so enjoyable to watch. Kudos to Finn for handling such an intense punishment! It would have been even better for me had the theme of “do as you’re told” come into it more, ex: Finn refusing Marco’s instructions at first, and Marco having to teach him how to obey orders. I always enjoy the way Marco handles Robin when he gets cheeky like that! I would love to see Finn and Robin together with Marco, too – the trouble those two could get into together and the enjoyment we would all get from watching the reckoning! Keep up the great work Finn, Marco, and the whole Sting team!

  8. Hi guys ! Finn Harper is my pet pet boy and to see him receive the a french instrument of discipline like the
    _ martinet _ was fantastic and very exciting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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