The video Preview for

Go Down Boy

Starring Trevor Dunst and James Holt

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Go Down Boy – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Go Down Boy – in Standard Definition


Sting Pictures


Title 2257

By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Video Preview for “Go Down Boy””
  1. This release, much like the recent “Discipline USA 4,” shows Sting’s mission to good advantage: top-notch performances, staging, filming, and editing. Once again, I must compliment the artistic use of the full-body shots — a treat for us spanko+podo-philes. High quality all around!

  2. Why has Sting switched to showing the hand spanking after the implement spanking?
    For narrative flow wouldn’t it be better to go from least severe/painful to most severe/painful

    1. This is a valid point that may differ by scenario and implement. I actually prefer the spanking to come at the end, but I think they should probably mix it up for the sake of variety.

  3. Hello Thomas – I agree with you 100% about going from least severe to more painful – but, I could be wrong, but I think it might have something to do with filming – if you spank the bottom red first the marks from the following paddling/thrashing whatever wont show up as well on the film – just a thought

  4. Hot sure why Sting often opt to do the hand spanking second (sometimes it is the other way round) however, I am sure that after a birching, that hand spanking is going to sting a heck of a lot more than it would otherwise!!

  5. just a comment – a thought – wish STING did another nettle film in a park setting – and this time really laid it on – the last one I remember starred Robin and Marco

  6. Can I just chime in on this conversation I for one am really glad Sting opt for this method the use of an implement first which could be considered the most “severe” method and then the OTK spanking after its much better this way I feel. One way I look at it is if the OTK spanking is short then having it after makes its more intense therefore a lot more interesting and exciting of course as Bruce says it will Sting more too. This Is what I love about the “Birching Block” series/setting if it was the other way around I’m not sure it would even have same effect especially if the viewer is only interested in a certain part of a clip and wishes to see a more severe OTK spanking this isn’t going be achieved if the OTK scene is short so using this method enhancers the overall spanking of a clip in all areas it’s the same for a certain favourite clip of mine “Governor 8” where Leonardo King was first caned hard then he also received a very hard OTK spanking had the roles been reversed it just wouldn’t be as good. Another thing is the psychological thought as the viewer that using an implement is seen as the most severe and knowing the lad has already received a severe punishment prior but has still got to get his bottom smacked OTK… Well the thought is hot as hell and I love it so I for one think this method is great.

  7. I believe in the next release the hand spanking will happen first, however, Sting with alternate the sequence with future videos

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