James is in Trouble …. Again!

It appears that James (James Lewis) didn’t learn his lesson last time, and on this occasion he has been bad mouthing his coach, who called his step dad (Domonic) to let him know how disappointed he is with the impudent lad.

His fed-up Stepdad decides that he is going to put a stop to his antics starting with a good over the knee spanking on his pert muscular backside.

The spanking is then followed with a stinging paddle on his freshly spanked bottom. Time will tell if he will be better behaved from now on!

Will James ever learn his lesson?



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Title 2257

By Bruce

8 thoughts on “James is in Trouble …. Again!”
  1. I have to say, I do LOVE young James’ recent conversion to wearing briefs, however good he looks in a short, tight pair of boxers! I’ve always said, when it comes to spankingwear, briefs definitely have the edge!

  2. Great minds do think alike indeed! To me briefs frame a boys bottom and thighs so beautifully for discipline! I also very much appreciate the fact that both times James has been smacked wearing briefs, he has been laid over the knee! As Tom from spanking Straight Boys observed a little while ago in a clip, it’s the very best position for a spanking!

  3. James Lewis is a nice-looking lad, and his briefs do indeed frame his buttocks and thighs very nicely while being spanked over the knee. However, I wish that he had shown more emotion during his punishment – more grimacing, grunting, crying out, kicking his legs, squirming over Domonic’s lap, reaching back with his hand in a vain attempt to protect his buttocks during the spanking, etc.

  4. Any chance James is up for a Hornet video? It’s been a while since a Hornet video has been released.

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