The latest Re-Mastered Sting Special Price Spanking Classic is

Discipline Diary 1908
Starring Sebastian, James Bruce, Dexter and Jared Brookes

Remastered version just $14.99


At Carnfield Institute, Colonel Lee’s diary entries follow the misfortunes of several inmates.

Firstly, Harris receives a firm hand spanking for insubordination, richly deserved in the eyes of the Colonel.

Next are two know trouble makers Jamison (Sebastian) and Markey (James Bruce) again for their mischievous behaviour. Spanking, feaging and salt water birching are employed by Mr Steerforth and the Colonel to amend their wayward attitudes.


Monday 17th August see’s the Colonel giving trustee senior lad Passmore (Dexter) the job of punishing Daniel Smith (Jared Brookes) He wastes no time in administering a good spanking and stinging session with the tawse for good measure. Daniel Smith will think again before breaking the rules.

The final entry in the diary concerns handsome Passmore himself. In his position of trust he has risen above himself and disgraced the institution. Not too senior to be punished and to set an example to the other boy’s he is dealt with privately but severely by Mr Steeforth.

Passmore receives a long hand spanking


and 24 cuts of the cane well laid on to his already burning rump

Resulting in a very sore bottom and adding yet another entry in the Discipline Diary for 1900



Discipline Diary 1908


This video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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Title 2257

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Sting Re-Mastered Special Price Spanking Classic “Discipline Diary 1908””
  1. Minor point, Bruce. I bought this video years ago, and it’s a very good one. However, the on-screen captijon at the very beginning of the video states “Discipline Diary 1908”, not “Discipline Diary 1900”. Did you correct the on-screen caption in this remastered version?
    Also, Marco did not make an appearance in this video, but your blurb mentions Marco’s name. Did your remastered version include a scene involving Marco?
    Handsome, athletic Sebastian did his usual fine job of enduring his spanking, feagging and birching.
    I must also mention Dexter’s performance in this video. In addition to his usual role as a top, he also bottomed as well. This handsome, athletic guy took a very severe spanking and caning – the angry welts on his buttocks are proof of the severity. Unfortunately, Dexter’s response to his punishment was too stoic for my taste. He grimaced a few times during his ordeal, and he did shed two tears after the caning was over, but his performance would have been even better if he had shown more emotion during the spanking and caning – i.e grunting, crying out, kicking, squirming, reaching back with his hand to protect his butt, etc.
    Finally, when will we be seeing this new “1900 House of Correction” video?

    1. Hi Rasputin
      You are correct, it does say 1908, both in the title and also in the voice-over at the beginning, so I have amended the wording on the site. I can’t remember why that was, possibly it was felt the costumes looked more Edwardian than Victorian. The mention of Marco, was my faultt and due to being lazy and pasting a pre-used template. The blurb has been amended.
      Dexter is naturally Stoic in his performances, I always think he comes across as quite dignified, and oddly graceful. (he even cried gracefully!!) It’s a moot point though, as I doubt he will return in a bottom role

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