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Darren 1900 Story

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Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)


In three definition levels

Sting Pictures

By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Preview Trailer For Sting Raw – Darren 1900 Story”
  1. I just want to say that Darren 1900 is one of your best videos ever. Thank you for that.
    Darren is such a great model und he is so cute. the video is about what I like, old fashioned
    punishment the ginger figg is the best part, I don’t like the pouder or something that is like ginger.
    no a real peace of ginger right in the hole that the best, please give me more of this.
    with all my best wishes. ZP

  2. looks like the end of the ginger that was inserted had the skin intact. was there a reason for that?

    1. Actually they are cut to be shaped a bit like a butt plug and the part that would have direct contact with the sphincter, the sensitive part, is very much peeled. Without shape the ginger does not stay in for long but it certainly leaves an effect.

  3. Is there a certain technique name for the applying of salt water? If so, what is the label for that on the listing of labels you keep on this blog? Thx!

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