The second set of images from Sting Raw – Darren 1900 Story


With his bottom already burning and red raw the boy must mount the birching frame and receive his punishment as ordered. Bradshaw’s bare bottom is rounded and raised making the perfect target, the whippy and painful birch twigs swish down biting mercilessly in to the defenceless bare buttocks. Bradshaw yelps and does all he can to receive this scorching punishment in a manly way.




However it’s not over, the Colonel intends to address the question of the lads continued insolence and cocking a snook at authority……



Freshly cut switches are always available for discipline at the House Of Correction and the Colonel intents to use one now to good effect! First though, being a military man, the boy will be figged with ginger to make sure he keeps he is backside high and well splayed to receive the intuitions answer to bad behaviour. The switch lashes down leaving red burning stripes on the boy’s now very sore bare bottom



The fig is eventually forced out by the stinging strokes but its inner burning effect is lasting making sure the boy’s bare bottom is raised throughout till the end.



In three definition levels
Sting Pictures


The Return of Darren


I am sure Darren’s fans will agree it’s great to see him back where he should be, after quite a long break.  He’s been away too long!



By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Sting Raw – Darren 1900 (Part 2)”
  1. The boy Darren’s bottom is a miracle of nature, it is perfection of all, Thank you for the return to us Darren

  2. i know this is an old post but just seen it
    Being figged for the birch or cane seems very effective i think i may need this as when spanked OTK and sometimes i am caned with short thin cane otk! i kick wriggle clench put my hands in the way and generaly resit a sound beating! this would be an effective control method! also i sometimes have little accidents OTK! I SO theed this disipline! ps above would make a good story for your site just an idea!

  3. “cocking a snook at authority”? That’s pure poetry! This was one of my early acquisitions to my collection of spanking videos. Baby doll Darren made history here in the ANALS of Spankography. ANALS, get it?

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