The Video Preview for

Raw Deal

Starring Jerry Bosak, Spencer Lake and James Holt

The Punishment continues

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If a bare bottom spanking is not bad enough they are going to get a scorching wooden paddle from the kitchen drawer across their bare backsides too.

This gamble certainly hasn’t paid off, better find somewhere else less painful to play cards next time.


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Title 2257

By Bruce

20 thoughts on “Raw Deal (Part 2 of 2) Plus the Video Preview”
  1. An enjoyable download. Nice to see two lads being disciplined in the same production.
    Both boys have good adult boys bottoms and were well dealt with. Like the blue briefs worn by Jerry the spanking over them ( half brief and half bottom) was a nice touch.

  2. I know I ask this every time, but I’d like to see both Jerry and Spencer over the birching block…preferably in the same download! 🙂

    1. Interesting idea, Jerry had successfully avoided the birch so far, I will draw your request to Sting’s attention


  3. I’d love to see a video with a few boys being disciplined. There’s only a handful of them online and I think sting could do it really well. I’m not talking about the usual 2 boys I’m talking about maybe five or six. Don’t know if this is possible but would be cool.

  4. Just noticed any of old model Nathan Russell’s videos don’t have a working preview. Some other videos have a similar issue. They’re Not even on the spankingtube website. Is there a particular reason for this or is it just coincidence?

  5. I do concur with Kimmy it would be such a turn on to see 4 boys appear in the same production again.
    It is appreciated it will cost a lot more but in days part 3 to 4 boys being punished was quite frequent.
    Dazdention I think was the last such event and how great that was.
    To see Flynn, Austin, Andy, Jerry and Richard etc al together would be a gift from Heaven, so to speak.

  6. This group spanking I think it’s a terrible idea I think the original clip roundabout bedtime was terrible there such thing as too much going on at one where you have too many models in one scene and it gets confusing I don’t like the idea it’s a bad idea and think Sting to do this will be putting themselves at risk of making a bad clip!!

    1. I just wanted to elaborate on my comment above because I wrote it in quite hurry and I don’t want people to misconstrued what I say because when I say something I haven’t normally a good reason for saying it.

      First of all when we were talking about spanking in general I find that less is always more (a good rule to apply to your life) I hate it when people go over the top with everything and I would consider having 4 to 6 models on the same set getting spanked completely over the top almost ridiculous!! It’s difficult to really get a good grasp when there’s just two models being spanked at the same time let alone numerous models being spanked at the same time it is completely unethical… One because the camera cannot capture what’s going on going on in one scene the camera can only focus on so much at once so inevitably we are going to miss a lot that’s the first problem for instance if you might like one model more than the other and you might want to see that model meanwhile the cameras focusing on one other models that you don’t want to see etc. I also no believe that the action is just going to be jeopardized in every way when you’re talking about such a large amount of people 4-6 men how can the disciplinarians give a good performance for each model it is clearly going to affect the spankers ability to deshell a sufficient and believable punishment to each model without the action being hindered in any way. I also think with so much going on you just can’t really enjoy the clip. I would rather have a clip with one model where the camera is able to fully focus on on what’s happening and we can get a full interpretation of the action everything is focused on this one model the action is tailored to this one model instead of spreading oneself thin. I am not saying that this is a bad idea I just don’t think it could make a very good clip for all the effort that has to be put into it. I can see that it would be very visually erotic which I guess in some ways is interesting but in terms of actual action good hearty honest discipline that’s singer known for I don’t think it could hit that mark. Also I talk from a personal perspective here with my string of preferences of what I like to see you for me there are types of models I like seeing including the tops/bottoms for me it’s not just about the bottom it’s about the overall output so it would be very hard for me to enjoy it a click like this when I’m able to enjoy every model because I can almost guarantee that there are going to be models that I don’t like of course there’s a set of models which I can think would be perfect for this but for them to all come together I don’t think it can happen. What I’m saying is that the idea seems interesting it seems wonderful but the actual physical side of it isn’t going to be so so as great as pictured. It’s interesting because the fact that people would recommend a group of guys getting spanked is alein to me as I struggle to enjoy duo scenes. this is why I enjoyed stings last clip with thin – the outdoor setting because it was just a simple good honest clip with great disciple nothing was over-the-top everything was well fitted and it was believable and it worked well and I was able to really get a sense of real enjoyment seeing such simplicity!

      1. While I (mostly) agree with Luke, I’ll confess that it’s long been a dream of mine to make the “Roundabout Bedtime” proposal work somehow. I believe that it all hinges on the scenario, which must play an equally potent role in the drama. If we were to throw budget costs to the wind and recreate, for instance, a whimsical reimagining of Beowulf’s meade hall, Socrates’ classroom in Ancient Greece, a Roman Gladiators’ public punishment arena, then I’d be most interested in seeing the result!

  7. Luke makes some good points (certainly the very choreographed scenes where the spankers walk in a circle, with each one giving each spankee a whack before moving on to the next don’t work for me – though I’m sure they appeal to others), however I think some of the issues could be avoided. For instance, if 4 seniors were caught smoking, they could be brought in & lectured together, before being sent out & then brought in one at a time to be dealt with. You could then see the reactions of the guys outside hearing their mate being whacked, knowing it is their turn next. You could see him coming out & the way he reacts/they greet him, which I would find interesting. Everyone’s suspension of disbelief is different, but I would find this quite realistic as people usually drank/smoke/broke bounds in groups, & therefore tended to be caught & punished in groups.

    1. @Vince

      I actually kind of like this idea it reminds me of an old CTS clips called “Discipline Hearing” where the guys are all waiting outside the room for their turn to be punished the guys are then called in one by one and punished with different types of methods and severity depending on what they did It also keeps that intimacy which I quite like having it done in a room while the others wait outside as you say for they what’s coming there way… A sore bum!!

      Ps. I actually also quite like the idea of the “unfairness” amongst the guys that one would receive a much more severe spanking than the others I find it mentally hot to think about!! Lol

  8. Most replies I believe misconstrue what I meant. Very rarely have Sting featured more than one model being spanked at the same time. What I like as do I many of the old time Sting followers do, is having downloads which feature 3 or 4 young men going before their Headmaster/ Borstal Instructor etc in separate scenes for punishment.

  9. I think Mike Brown is correct, that people have misunderstood what he and Kimmy were saying, however, as in so many issues, these things are a matter of taste.

    I know Sting would love to return to making the full length movies with a number of scenes and large cast on the lines of “Gray Shorts” “St Datchets”, “Asian Incident”, “The Brothers” or “Reformatory USA”, and HisRoyalHeinie would not believe how much Rich O’Shea yearns to direct a period saga, on the lines he suggested. (and would do so given the chance)

    However, such ventures are very expensive and time consuming to make, and sadly the current market does not support the costs involved. However, circumstances change, and Sting may be able to make larger budget videos in the future.

    However, those such as Luke, Vince and James who prefer a more intimate spanking scenario need not fear, there will be plenty more of those to come.

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