Bring Back The Birch
A One Hour 13 minute, feature length, Movie, featuring nine bare bottomed Sting actors, including Danny, Aleister Cole, James Bruce. Robbie Estavez, Dexter, Carlos Fernandez, Louie Ashby, Robbie Estavez, Brad and famously the handsome Leonardo King, who gets his well-rounded bare bottom punished THREE times


Throughout the world there are many Instruments of Persuasion. Some nationally famous like the American paddle, Irish strap and Scottish tawse. Probably the most famous and historically important are the rattan cane and its fearsome counterpart The Birch. For many delinquent teens being threatened with the birch instead of the cane often brought on reluctance to misbehave further! Always applied to the bare bottom its building sting after each stroke is legendary.

In this red butt packed drama documentary we look at some parts of its history starting at the turn of the century Harry Wiggins (Carlos Fernandez) is summoned to the Police Sergeant for stealing apples

The Sergeant hopes a spanking in the birching room will be enough to dissuade the lad from further crimes. However it isn’t long before he’s back and muscular Constable Wilkins (Dexter) is applying the birch with vigour to Harry’s burning backside!

Paul Millhouse (Louie Ashby) is ordered to appear before his House Master for an official birching. This is to be well laid on by the PT Master (Rusty Bruckner). Paul is soon bucking and growling and the birch finds its mark on his red raw backside!

Later, for more miss behaviour, the housemaster decides to apply a spanking! Hard to take over an already birched backside.

Back in the 1900’s Johnny McGuire a delivery boy (Leonardo King) is mistaken for a thief

Poor innocent gets a sound spanking from Constable Wilkins (Dexter)

Later it’s the Constable who is in trouble and finds himself receiving a humiliating spanking

Then he’s over his own Birching Pony receiving a very hard session with the birch.

It’s now the mid-20th century and Holbrooke College pupils Denton (Danny) and Harris (Alistair Cole) are taken to the Headmaster (Dr Barton) by the Head boy (Brett Stevens) for the continuing misbehaviour.

They are both to be birched. It’s not so much the birching, but the humiliation for these two 18 years olds as they bare their bottoms for punishment.

Later at Holbrooke two 6th formers Nicholson (James Bruce) and Bradley (Brad) in the absence of the Headmaster are reporting to the Deputy Head for disciplinary measures.

Sharp spanking and later a stinging birching is applied for correctional measures

At Rainsford Borstal Trainee Robinson (Robbie Estevez) reports from his official court ordered birching. Strapped down, this is to be laid on to his bare bottom by the young strapping wing officer (Scott Hart)

Finally, on the Isle of Man its time for Johnny McGuire (Leonardo King) who is now a student, but now not innocent, and, this time fully deserves what he is going to get. To pay for stealing a motor bike, Johnny will end up with a very sore bottom!!

After a court appearance it’s going to be a hard well laid on birching from the fit young Police Constable in a room at the back.


However, Johnny’s bad day is not over yet!!

Back home, with his bottom still burning and raw, his stepfather, who has found out about his court appearance, adds to the punishment with a good spanking of his own.

This will really bring the, still tender, birch welts back to stinging life!

Johnny will be sleeping on his stomach that night, and most probably for a few nights to come.

With so many bad boys, perhaps now it’s a good time to Bring Back The Birch!


Bring Back The Birch

Sting Pictures


Title 2257

By Bruce

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