“Shooting the Messenger” is just one of the four stories included in the Delivered by Hand” download from Sting Pictures, all of which feature handsome young men such as Vex, Ginge abd, as seen here, Matt Mills, receiving bare butt, over the knee, spanking. “Delivered by hand “is available both as a download and as one of the six downloads which are included on a DVD entitled “Downloads on DVD

“Shooting the Messenger” stars the ever popular, and very Naughty Matt Mills who not only receives a firm hand spanking from his tutor, but he gets it on a recently caned bare behind, right after a hot bath!.

Having misbehaved at school, for which he has received a painful caning, Matt has to bring a letter home, informing his tutor, played by the indescribably fortunate Richard O’shea of what has happened. The Tutor decides that, even though the school has already punished Matt, he is in need of a firm hand at home, and that firm hand will be delivered right where it will do the most good, …

.. on Matt’s bare, bad boy, bottom.

Delivered by hand is a treat for all OTK Fans, and those who believe that Matt Mills is permanently of a good hard spanking will certainly enjoy it. Direct links to both the download and the DVD are at the bottom of this post. Here are some images:


Bad boy Matt arrives home from school


He has brought home a letter addressed to his tutor


Informing him that Matt has misbehaved at school, and has been punished


Reluctantly Matt leaves the letter for his uncle to read when he gets home, it sits there like an unexploded bomb.


Matt runs a bath

He drops the towel revealing the marks from the caning he received at school earlier that day


At that moment Matt’s tutor arrives


Meanwhile back in the bathroom, Matt steps into the bath


The headmaster had really let Matt have it this time, and the angry welts still stung like hell

He carefully lowers his sore backside into the bath


Matt reacts with shock as his bare behind makes contact with the hot water.


his well punished bottom stings like its on fire


Downstairs the tutor reads the letter

It is clearly time to take a firm hand with that young rascal, and he knows exactly where that firm hand will do the most good!


His bottom still as sore as ever, Matt eventually gets out of the bath

A perfect target which will soon be glowing even redder!


“Get into your pajamas and get back down here .. I am going to teach you a lesson young man!!”

To be continued……..


By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Shooting the messenger – Spanking Matt Mills (Part 1)”
  1. A double dose of attention to my ass
    has been a frequent occurence in my history.
    That is, at least a double dose: at school
    and at home. Then there has been my two
    uncles that took it upon themseves for
    another double dose of my attention to
    my ass. They joked with me, calling me:
    four time fanny.

  2. It seem the marks from cane (we see we Matt that his bath) have been done in another movies, (I mean in this one we see just the marks). In which movie did Matt receive these marks,,,

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