Here are a quartet of new actors who will soon be appearing in Sting releases.  Firstly Kai Alexander (new) is in a new episode of 
Tales from The Headmasters Study

 Stripped and Slippered
Aaron Alton (new) is in a new school lads film where he’s in trouble both at school and with Dad when he gets home.

NOTE:  In view of Aaron Alton’s very youthful looks, a copy of his proof of age has been made available and can be viewed by clicking here

Conner Levi (new) is in a follow up to No Stars Just Stripes. 
(for Sting’s American friends)

Jimmy Evans, who appeared in Approved Education Part 3 will be back in a sexy army story (Spanking and wanking!) and in other roles

More details to follow…..

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Some new boys!”
  1. All these new lads have what it takes, a winning smile and well-firmed butts that can take a good spanking. Like them all, especially Conner’s jockstrap-clad rump.

  2. Aaron alton for me any pics of the pre spanked butt possibly just hanging out with him looking at the camera.

  3. Just looked at his ID he’s a fellow Brit 🙂 we produce far superior guys than any other nation must be in our genes matt,David,tigger and brett now Aaron don’t you guys agree?. And we make them tough.

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