Just Aaron – A Boy in Trouble

One Of Sting’s newest actors Aaron Alton stars in 




The best years of your life are sometimes not the easiest. Aaron (New StingLad Aaron Alton) is quickly finding this out.


After getting caught with cigarettes this wayward student is sent to be dealt with by the young PT master and his head of house Mr Sharpe (Luke Radley) In time honoured fashion Mr Sharpe takes the young miscreant over his knee and dishes out a hard session of stinging slaps, all delivered directly on to Aaron’s vulnerable bare bottom.




His pale skin quickly reacts and a burning red spreads across his pert little butt cheeks. Half way through, to get a better swing, the young master switches positions. Now Aaron, his legs swinging in the air, pants round his ankles, is perched over the young PT masters leg and the raw spanking continues.





No self-respecting PT master would ever dream of finishing a punishment without resorting to a few good whacks with his gym slipper. Bent over the desk looking back, tears welling in his eyes, poor Aaron can only pray that he doesn’t get too many swats as the well-used white gum shoe whistles down. The smooth worn rubber sole connects loudly to the already spanked bare bottom and Aaron howls! The burning sting of the slipper is well known to such lads but on the bare bottom it’s just too much!



A tearful Aaron eventually stands but now he has to face his Housemaster who has heard all about it. ‘My friends all smoke,’ replies a defensive Aaron but the housemaster is having none of it. Laying across his knee on the sofa the boy knows what’s coming. His night shirt is quickly lifted and a series of well-aimed slaps rain down on to Aaron’s up turned bare backside. ‘Not again!,’ he thinks as his burning bum quickly turns painfully red again. 
This is second warning broken so Aaron is ordered over the end of the sofa while his Housemaster skilfully whips the thick leather belt from his trousers. ‘Maybe your friends would like this,’ is the prelude to a damn good strapping that leaves bands of red hot welts across young Aaron’s defenceless bare bottom. Yes it’s not been an easy day but sometimes that’s how it goes if you’re Just Aaron, a boy in trouble. 





Shot in Full HD


NOTE:  In view of Aaron Alton’s very youthful looks, a copy of his proof of age has been made available and can be viewed by clicking here

5 comments on “Just Aaron – A Boy in Trouble

  1. Sorry, I’m not a twink fan. I’ll pass on this one.

    However, if you ever make a video where Luke Radley, who portrayed Mr. Sharpe in this video, gets spanked OTK, I will definitely buy that one.

    • I am pleased to confirm that Luke Radley will be getting his comeuppance in two soon to be released videos.

      He did also take an OTK spanking in Tales from the Headmaster’s Study Episode 1

    • Dear Bruce,

      Some time ago I bought the “Headmaster’s Study” video you mentioned. I liked it very much. Thanks for responding anyway. And I’m pleased that Luke will be on the receiving end in upcoming videos.

      By the way, when will you be releasing your sequel to “The Brothers”?

    • Dear Rasputin

      I am pleased you liked the first episode of The Headmaster’s study, in fact Luke will be getting his bottom smacked in a future episode of that series.

      The next “Brothers” release is in final editing, and is scheduled for release in the next few weeks. Luke Radly also appears in that, and will again be in a suitably upended position!

  2. This is so wonderful! What a sweet little guy, who looks as if he was just of the right age for being spanked. Especially the scene at home with his dad is extraordinary. Thank you for Aaron! :-))

    Blackfield II

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