Sounds Like Trouble 2

Sounds Like Trouble 2

After being warned about too much noise in the college dormitory one lad (Finn Harper) finds himself hauled up in front of his Housemaster for playing a ghetto blaster far too loudly after lights out.


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Mr Sharpe never one to hold back when dealing with a cheeky senior decides he needs to be sent back to bed with a very sore bottom! Bedsides an example needs to be made in case other boys of the lower house get any ideas themselves!

Senior or not he’s going over the Housemasters knee for a good spanking, however towards the end there will be a real sting in the tail, just to remind him that house rules are for keeping not braking!

Finn Harper is a bad boy again in “Sounds Like Trouble”




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Sounds Like Trouble 2 – in Standard Definition


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15 comments on “Sounds Like Trouble 2

  1. Finn is a delight. Whatever scenario he’s featured in he
    always looks sensational. Some great facial expressions too.
    As someone who ‘has a thing for underwear (and socks)’ Finn in his previous videos has treated us to some great items in his collection. Change of pace here to fit with the scene – and when he drops his PJ’ s we get some perfect shots of Finns wonderful bare butt legs and feet. All good.
    Loved the twist at the end with the strap.
    Hopefully Finn will be back very soon – updating us on his latest underwear and socks and his misbehaviour.
    Thanks to all at Sting especially Finn.

  2. Yeah, I heartily concur with Ethan (except about the underwear – soz, I like the fact that Finn is underwearless beneath his pjs, as it just feels more realistic to me, though I suppose it could be worked into a scenario where, he puts on pants for extra protection & then gets extra punishment for doing so. It’s just the scenes where wearing underwear & pjs – or sports shorts – is treated as commonplace that don’t work for me). I really love the final photographs too, but am still intrigued as to whether they are pre- or post-production?

  3. Happy Finn Friday! Great to have another Finn and Marco instalment heading into the weekend, and both do a great job, as usual. I really like the use of small implements OTK, and still hope that Finn will one day experience the wooden spoon whilst over Marco’s knee. Also still hoping to see these two speaking in Czech in a scene, would be great to see them being able to add a bit more dialogue and get even more genuine reactions/responses from each other. I think Finn could get a lot more cheeky/bratty in Czech and try to talk his way out of being punished.

    • I respectfully disagree with you I don’t like implements and there’s no point using an implement OTK… Also if this was filmed in Czech it wouldn’t have the same effect as I don’t understand the language (as many others don’t) and who wants to be reading subtitles while watching PORN it kinda kills what would be natural because it would fail to translate as it would from native English actors it just won’t have the same genuine feel.

      • Traditionally implements are often used as part of an Over the knee spanking, items like slippers and hairbrushes are more frequently used over the knee than they are in a bending position. Sting use implements in OTK spankings a lot less often than other studios do. However, that is simply a matter of style, and they should not be barred from exercising their free choice in the matter.

        In this film, Fnn receives a few whacks with the belt at the end of the hand spanking to add an extra sting to his tail, and also to add an extra element to the story

        We would never instruct an artist what colour to use in a painting, and likewise we should not instruct a filmmaker how he should make his films.

        There are inevitably differing views on whether the use of subtitles is better than requiring actors to perform in a language other than their own. Some feel it leads to a better performance, whilst others find it irritating. Sting have experimented with subtitles once before in an MM film, and once in a CFNM, they may do so again, but it is unlikely to become the norm.

  4. Regarding the OTK position where Finn similar to Robin has filmed so much content (which is great) however it would be good to see a few changes now and again in regards to positioning for example these pictures below a few changes to freshen up the scene in an exposing way. The classic stance is the best but in a way of keeping things different a few tweaks would definitely be a hit.

    • I am afraid that is very unlikely, Jerry has now given up filming and moved on with an alternative career

  5. Thanks for the update. Disappointing he’s unlikely to be back at Sting but he does have some great videos in the back catalogue.
    Be good to see Luke Geer and Scott Grande featured again soon. Sting does excel with its choice of models. (Not forgetting the wonderful Finn and James Holt)

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