Click on the Read More tab below to see the Video Preview for the latest Sting CFNM Discipline release is “Tim Feels The Steel” starring Tim Ptacek and Judy Steel

WARNING: Sting CFNM feature young men being disciplined and spanked by Strict women

Sting CFNM: Tim Feels The Steel

CFNM returns with a brand-new film. In this butt blazing opener we find Tim Ptacek going up against Miss Steel. Set in a college scenario, Tim has got himself in a whole load of trouble and has to report to the formidable Miss Steel.

Knowing he’s not likely get away with any excuses he submits to her punishment. She likes a lad to know who’s really the boss and to start out comes a swishy rattan cane. Even a big boy like Tim will soon learn to know his place!

The workout and spanking over her knee to follow is a humiliating finale but it will end with a successfully disciplined young man wishing he’d never crossed swords with the strict Miss!




Sting CFNM Discipline: Tim Feels The Steel – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Sting CFNM Discipline: Tim Feels The Steel – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Sting CFNM Discipline “Tim Feels The Steel””
  1. The boy would have been cuter with much shorter shorts! The same short shorts as Finn harper in ‘House master study 16’.

  2. WOW!!! I’ve known young lads think that getting a smacked bottom from a woman was bound to be a soft option – BIG mistake! And I’ve watched a dear lady-friend of mine, who is VERY experienced at disciplining wayward young lads, show more than one of my naughty boys just what an error of judgement he’d made by believing that might be the case!!

    I don’t know if any thoughts of a ‘soft option’ might have been going through young Tim’s mind when Miss Steel took him in hand to administer no doubt well-deserved corporal punishment to him, but those hot and stinging red weals across his bum and left leg very definitely say that he too, if he’d had such ideas for even a moment, had made one hell of a mistake!!

    I reckon there’s going to be one sad, sorry and very chastened young man sleeping on his tummy for a couple of nights!!!

  3. The next thing for Tim will be a birching from Miss Steel. She will strip and dress him in tight, white whipping shorts – and take him into a wood to collect the birch twigs. She will supervise his construction of his own birch, strip him naked and put him over her private briching blog. If Tim takes it well, which I believe he will, Miss Steel will reward him….

  4. Some lovely welts on a deserving backside. Dare I say ( I definitely do no want to offend Miss Steel – it could go wring for me lol), Miss Steel should also cover the right buttock as well as the left

  5. I love his expression as he stands in front of her. In other circumstances, he might be hoping for a bit more of a fun time!

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