Click on the Read More tab below to see the Video Preview for the latest Sting CFNM Discipline release is “Tim Feels The Steel” starring Tim Ptacek and Judy Steel

WARNING: Sting CFNM feature young men being disciplined and spanked by Strict women

Sting CFNM Discipline: Tim Feels The Steel

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Sting CFNM Discipline: Tim Feels The Steel – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Sting CFNM Discipline: Tim Feels The Steel – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Video Preview For Sting CFNM : Tim Feels The Steel”
  1. Must admit I do like this lad reporting for discipline!!! More please

    Loved him kicking like a brat! I think also he was a bit … wow she’s hot …. Which wore off a little over the knee!

    Get his ass spanked more regularly and deep red all over for that naughty but very handsome lad

  2. A truly authentic college whipping. Miss Steel’s expert use of the cane has transformed Tim into a much nicer person. I wish she could have warmed to him in the end, rubbed cream into his weals and kissed them – and him! Excellent

  3. P.S. Tim naturally tries to hide his manliness from Miss Steel. She should have none of that in the future. He should be told to put his hands on his head. Any chance of a reprise of these two? It would be good to see Tim over Miss Steel’s birching block.

  4. Tim and Miss Steel are a magic combination. There is real chemistry between them – and it would be wonderful if Miss Steel rewards Tim for taking his whipping well.

  5. Loyal old client here!

    Those wide shoulders, muscular cheeks, and toned body combined with his crying voice and desperate begging is what makes this video perfect. Add to it his forced exposure and exercises. Y’all really nailed it in this one. Good job.

    There are many great scenarios we cannot wait to see. For example a hunky stripper who gets spanked by his manager maybe because he steals all the tips for himself, or broke the rules and went down with one of the clients.

    He could also be a guy who’s trying to make some cash to move out from his stepmom’s house who’s already threatening to kick him out but he ends up stripping at a party at his neighbor’s house for her girls when the mom was gone but getting caught after a sudden mom’s return. She sends the girls to their rooms, but they actually [to add to his humiliation] kept peeping from the stairs or the door as their mom ordered him to clean the party mess in a thong – he submitted to her easily so she won’t tell his religious stepmom who’d kick him out immediately – then spanked him on his thong at the end.

    Another different scenario is a rich spoiled lady puts her two high-paid new hired muscular on black bow ties and white aprons ONLY to serve her as butlers in buff then punishing both of them with a spanking before she makes them serve her/her guest with red bottoms.

    Chastity devices and teasing should be considered in scenarios like caught masturbating or sexually harassing so chastity and spanking would be applied for discipline. This could happen in a military camp, a prison, or a college dorm. Sending the big macho to bed early with a slap on his already red spanked butt while locked knowing he can’t touch himself in bed is SUPER SEXY.

    I’ll stop here. Please don’t stop releasing CFNM videos and grow this business with creativity and constancy.

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