Sting Raw: In Hot Water


Austin has just made a bad move by taking Johan Volny’s beer out of the fridge and slipping into the bath with it. Needless to say Johan arrives home after a football session looking forward to a relaxing evening and a cold drink. His beer is missing and a badly whistled tune drifts from the bathroom where he finds Austin with his beer.

Austin从冰箱里拿出Johan Volny买的啤酒,美滋滋地钻进浴缸。而这显然不是个明智的决定,更别提Johan刚踢完足球回到家,正想喝杯冷饮解解乏,度过一个愉快的傍晚呢。他发现啤酒不见了,同时浴室里刚好传出一串蹩脚的口哨,Johan走进去,撞见Austin正在享用属于他的美酒。

Not happy Johan drags him out of the bath and gives him a well deserved spanking, starting on his wet underwear (which he for some reason had on in the bath) and then on his bare backside!



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With a splash of water and a stinging slap of his hand and Austin soon learns the mistake he has made.


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Title 2257



By Bruce

One thought on “Sting Raw: In Hot Water”
  1. Just revisiting this. There’s no doubt whatever that the sheen on Austin’s bottom produced by the water makes those wet buttocks look smoother, more bare and more spankable than ever! If that were possible, which I would have doubted until I’d seen it for myself!

    What I particularly have noticed as well is just how whippable young Austin’s bare back is! One of the most whippable I have seen on a Stinglad and that is with some very stiff (stiff – haha!!!) competition! Those pert shoulder-blades are just shrieking aloud to have the thick, tough leather thongs of my cat-o-six-tails laid across them, good and heavy! Fifty lashes, each stroke feeling like six, thrashing down across his upper back till it resembled a strawberry ripple!! MMMMMMMMMM!!!

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