Another Sting Spanking Classic is

The Prisoner – The Governor’s Choice

Staring Lucky Taylor.


Paul Miller (Lucky Taylor) is an inmate at Wallensea Prison. Like all younger members of the prison population he can be a nuisance and his recent behaviour has begun to shave several days off his remission. The governor can detect those younger prisoners who are naturally mischievous lads rather than deliberate trouble makers.

In Miller’s case he gets a choice, loss of remission or punishment off the record Governor style. Of course he nods his head and chooses to get dealt with right away to ensure he keep his release date unchanged. The Governor starts the session with a hot reddening spanking over the knee just right for an insolent brat like 2496 Miller!


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He then quickly follows this with a good hard strapping, the noise of which rings around the prison as a warning to others. Miller’s bare and inflamed bottom is an angry red, glowing brightly after the hard strapping! Surely now other lads will know If you want to break the rules you might be lucky and be given the governors choice.










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The Prisoner – The Governor’s Choice


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Title 2257

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Sting Spanking Classic : The Prisoner – The Governor’s Choice”
  1. I do not recall this video being entitled “The Prisoner” until now — I thought it was merely the first in the Governor’s Choice series?

  2. This used to be one of my favourites I also had the full photo gallery as well. What a model Lucky Taylor was at one point he was really skinny but buffed up so perfectly he looked gorgeous in this clip and I loved the black socks.. very sexy!!

    I miss seeing this type of model it’s a shame LT made very little spanking I think this was he last but a well rounded model for this type of clip.

  3. A very nice little video. Lucky Taylor was a very impressive model. This video would have been even better if Luck had been wearing tighter, skimpier underwear, but a good video nevertheless.

    I have a question though, Bruce. In what way is a Sting Raw video different from a regular Sting video?

    1. Hi Rasputin

      I am pleased you and LK both like Lucky, it is a shame he didn’t make more videos for Sting, and has now retired from filming.

      Sting Raw videos, were initially introduced in 2010, when sting was generally focused on making the longer feature videos, with up to six or seven scenes and as many as ten actors. These generally took at least a month or more to make.

      Sting Raw as a means of releasing short one scene videos, featuring just spanking action with less plot line, with one or sometimes two actors, in between the longer features

      However, in the last four of five year, the market has changed dramatically and it is no longer practical or affordable to make as many of the long feature videos, at a price customers would tolerate, Sting now only releases the occasional longer feature, and now concentrates on releaseing one or two one to two scene vidos a week, so there was no longer a need for Sting Raw

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