Sixth Formers Something to “wine” about

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UPDATE:  This Download is no longer on Special offer

It’s back to Coombe Hall College in this 36.20 minute 2012, release and a look at the new batch of 6th formers. A catalogue of misdemeanours kicks off with Michael King (Tom Nuttall) being escorted by the Head Boy (Darren) for a none too courteous visit to the Heads study!

With no time to spare the headmaster leaves the disciplinary measures in the hands of the Head Boy, Crawford swiftly details King to the common room and lays on a good firm spanking.


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This is followed in time honoured fashion by a raw dose of the gym slipper, face down on a bench, bare bottom well raised.

It’s clear Crawford takes pride in his work and Michael’s cute little butt is soon blistered red as the smooth and painful rubber sole makes its mark!

Jason Shaw is a very youthful looking senior, it’s therefore surprising that he has managed yet again to shop lift wine from the local off-licence.

This despicable act will somehow be kept within the confines of the school but the headmaster is naturally furious not to mention Jason’s Head of House the gruff German master Mr Kruger. The lad’s foolishness is soon answered with a bottom burning session across the Housemasters knee







but it doesn’t end there as he is ordered to return that evening in pyjamas for an official birching. Defiance like this must be met with an exemplary punishment and the head intends that this time he should get it.





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UPDATE:  This Download is no longer on Special offer


Sting Classic – Sixth Formers Something To Wine About


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By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Sting Classic : Sixth Formers – Something to “wine” about (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. I cannot thank you enough for these “special priced” films. It allows me to not only buy a film I normally would not be able to afford, but then I discover an actor I had not seen before and that makes me search out other films he has also starred in. Also, if I may; this is a fantastic wed site because once I have stumbled onto a new actor or story line I like, it helps me to find other films that might interest me on searching the STINGPICTURES web to buy them. May I ask – these actors from the older films – when they have moved on, do they ever keep in touch? Will Travis be back? Have you ever heard from JJay or Matt Mills? I hope they are all well and happy. Would you ever consider a section of your website where our community can just chat with one another, maybe you’d be willing to post some unedited portions of your films? I would love a peek into the process of your film making and watch an interview or two with the actors. As always, thank you and everyone involved in your company.

    1. Hi Kas
      I hope you enjoy this Classic Special, there are some great performances in it. In reply to your questions, you will be pleased to hear that Sting do plan to film with Travis again in the near future, as to the actors like JJay and Matt Mills from Sting’s days in the UK, although Sting are still in contact with some of them as friends, most have now outgrown filming and moved on to new stages in their lives.

      There is, or was a Chat room facility on the main Sting website, which I tried promoting some while ago, however, I was not very successful. It might be worth giving that another try.

      Sting have considered doing some backstage interviews, and maybe filming some film preparation, but there are no plans to actually the films being made, in the way that Spanking Central does.

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