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Angry Step Dads 4

Starring Luke Radley and Pavel Novy

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From time to time lads can’t help themselves and take one step too far over the line. Then it’s up to a caring guardian to instil some much needed discipline.

This is certainly the case with young Jerry Woods (Luke Radley) He’s got himself involved in a stolen cigarette racket, got caught and now has some important decisions to make. The local shopkeeper has been generous and agreed that if his Step Dad deals with it that’ll be an end to the episode and this wayward lad can get on with his life without a stain on his character. A wise decision is made by Jerry, and Step Dad deals out the discipline. This fit sports boy will find it hard to lay naked across the knee and receive a hot, stinging hand spanking on his muscular bare bottom.


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He should have known better of course! To make sure he remembers, out comes the old leather belt. Now with Jerry over the end of the sofa, his rounded bare bottom raised high, the belt cracks home. A howling and complaining young offender is really being taught a lesson.

In another part of town student Justin Ward (Pavel Novy) has also been caught out. This time it’s possession of the dreaded cigarettes, and his Step Dad is none too happy. Sensibly it’s agreed to keep it in the family and Justin will take a hiding for his crime. Taken over Step Dads lap, a good sound spanking is laid on. Justin’s pert youthful backside turns a healthy red and burns as the slaps reign down. For his own good this time he’s really got to learn a lesson and perhaps more than just a spanking is going to be needed.

He is ordered to the kitchen to bring back the hard wood rice spoon, for all intense and purpose a paddle of sorts, ideal to dish out the next part of Justin’s punishment. It’s certainly very effective. Bent down in the middle of the room, grasping his ankles, Justin is hissing and yelping as the scorching wooden surface of the spoon collides with his jutting out and well-rounded bare bottom. The crack of wood on skin echo’s round the room and Justin begins re thinks his future attitude.



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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Sting Special Price Re-introduction Offer : Angry Step Dads 4”
  1. One of my favorite Sting videos! Two terrific scenes with two very different boys. Variety is the spice of life!

  2. I bought this video primarily because of Luke Radley, a tall, good-looking, athletic lad with an animated acting style. He became one of my favorite Sting models. His spanking at the hands of Rich O’Shea was quite good, but it would have been even better if Rich had spanked him on the seat of his briefs for a while before stripping him naked.

    By the way, Bruce, do you know whatever happened to Luke? If you should ever encounter him, please give him my regards.

    1. Hi Rasputin
      I’m not sure what Luke is doing now, it’s a few years since he worked with Sting. Adult film work doesn’t tend to be a long term career for most of the boys, and they move on to other things.

      However, if we see him we will pass on your regards

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