Another scene from the Sting Spanking Classic Crime Spree Staring Dexter, Dale Brady and introducing Aiden Jason, Damien Harrison and Aslan Brutt (scroll down for the video preview)

The first story features two would be car thieves (Dale Brady and Dexter) who are caught by the owner whilst trying to hot wire his vehicle.

Having recorded the incident on his mobile phone the athletic car owner (Aslan Brutti) marches the pair back to his flat.


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They have both chosen a punishment from him rather than having the police called. With his video evidence neatly secured he certainly has the upper hand. This he wastes no time in using after stripping off the villains underwear. Now the two lads are feeling his pounding gym trained arm, with the stinging flat of his hand zipping down on their rounded, exposed and now inflamed bare backsides.






Not content with just a spanking he too with relish wields an old heavy leather belt hard across the lads red and tender bottoms. His strong right arm never lets up once and it will be sometime before the two boys will be able to sit down properly let along go out on another Crime Spree.











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