The another Sting Spanking Classic is

The Sixth Formers Imperfect Prefects

Staring Travis Mc Kinnon, Oscar Hart, Johnny Hayward and Rudi Valance, togther with Marco and Johan Volny as the disciplinarians


When you get in to the sixth form in many instances you become a prefect too. You’re then expected to maintain the image of of being a cut above the rest. This includes setting an example to other guys in the college below you. This is not an easy road and some fall by the wayside.


This was particularly true of the football captain Hugh Carlton (Travis McKinnon) He’d been running a neat little business on the side selling cut price goods all obtained from a very dubious source.

The Headmaster of course was furious and senior though he was dealt with Carlton with a good bare bottom spanking.


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The humiliation continued on with a thick leather belt being brought down hard on this fit prefects reddened, sore and burning bare bottom.




Another sixth form boy Robert Barclay (Johnny Hayward) was just not pulling his weight at all and was ordered to report to his Housemaster Mr Graves (Marco) to have some sense spanked in to him.


Again this big lad, a star in the college Rugby team, was ordered to lie over the vaulting horse. Mr Graves, sleeves rolled up, furiously slaps the boys bare backside red raw.





Not content with just a spanking Mr Graves also employs an old style ping pong bat to actively scorch the message to behave in to Barclay’s well-presented bare bottom.






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