Featuring three popular Sting top stars of the time Pavel Novy, Aaron Alton and Luke Radley, this episode of the Headmaster series goes down under.


Smoking is of course strictly forbidden, however, two pupil’s (Aaron Alton) and (Pavel Novy) decide to go for a quick puff in the caretaker’s room. After getting disturbed they flee, flicking the cigarette buts in to a bin. Unfortunately in turn the bin catches fire ensuring that the two lads now appear before the Headmaster to explain themselves. For their gross stupidity the rattan cane is brought out and applied to the tight seat of their short grey trousers. These are then ordered down for some more stinging stripes applied to the boys’ bare bottoms.

吸烟在这里当然也是被严格禁止的。两位学生,xxx(Aaron Alton)xxx (Pavel Novy)决定去门卫的房间抽根烟小憩一会。在被发现后他们匆忙逃走,将烟蒂丢在了垃圾桶。不幸的是,垃圾桶着火了,导致两个年轻人现在不得不站在校长面前陈述他们的错误。为了惩罚他们的愚蠢鲁莽,校长取出浅黄色的藤条,抽打在他们紧绷的灰色短裤上。接下来,男孩们赤裸的臀部遭受了更加刺痛的抽打。


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However during the punishment the Head is interrupted. He instructs a senior prefect, Hunter (Luke Radley) who is also attending the session, to continue the lad’s punishment. He wastes no time in putting them both over his knee and laying on a good spanking. This soon has them bucking and yelling as his heavy palm descends down on the boys already caned and burning bare cheeks.

然而,校长的惩罚被打断了。他委任一位高年级的模范生,同样在场的Hunter (Luke Radley),继续执行对两名年轻人的惩罚。没有浪费一点时间,Hunter将他们依次拉到膝盖上狠狠揍了一顿屁股。当Hunter沉重的巴掌落在男孩们已经被藤条抽打得火烧火燎的屁股上时,男孩们立刻挣扎喊叫起来。




After the spanking, it’s the gym slipper to make sure they understand that a reckless act like setting fire to a waste bin could have been catastrophic.



While Hunter is a good prefect he too has his weak side especially where smoking the odd joint is concerned. It was inevitable that one day he’d get caught and as fate would have it today is that day. Sent to the headmaster he is punished in the back of the common room so all the other boys will know it’s happened. He’s a big lad and a good spanking in two different positions starts off his punishment.



This is followed by the cane and gym slipper too, almost a repeat of the earlier punishment he dished out to the hapless fire starters. For Hunter he hates getting his bare backside so painfully attacked and he especially dislikes the cane. His yells and protestations bare witness to this fact. He can dish it out but can he take it?







Now Hunter knows what it feels like to get Scorched Down Under!



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