Video Preview for the Sting Spanking Classic

Tales From The Headmaster’s Study (Part 7)

Scorched DownUnder

Starring Pavel Novy, Aaron Alton and Luke Radley

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Tales From The Headmaster’s Study 7


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Title 2257


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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Video Preview For the Sting Spanking Classic “Tales From the Headmaster’s Study 7””
  1. Luke’s shorts are the perfect length for punishment and it is a mega-turn-on to see him laid over the knee wearing them for a good smacked bottom! If they still happen to be in the Stinglads’ wardrobe, is there any chance of getting young Austin Cook into them and bending him over the desk for a good hard caning? (Following recent Sting practice and wearing coloured underpants, of course…) I also could see Robin in them!

    1. Hi Dr van Spanking, Yes, indeed I do agree that Luke looks incredible in those shorts. They are probably still in the wardrobe department, nut unfortunately, although they were delightfully snug on Luke, they would look more like a tent on poor Austin!! 🙂 Sting will have to either put them in a boil wash to shrink them, or feed Austin and Robin lots of extra plumb pudding over Christmas!!

      Being serious, Sting have noted the numerous requests for shorter and tighter shorts and will see if they can find a suitable supplier.

  2. Serious offer here, Bruce. The quest for a supplier of shorter, tighter shorts is one I would be thrilled to help with if I could be given a rough idea about waist-sizes and the boys’ heights.

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