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Domestic Bliss
Starring Jaydee Black, Richard Hicks and Marco

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Fall-outs happen for many reasons, but with Step Dads and Stepsons it’s usually the latter taking the odd liberty. When enough is enough, they can find themselves on the wrong end of His right arm.

Bobby (Jaydee Black) thought the coast was clear when he decided to use his Step Dads laptop. He’d been told before not to touch it under any circumstances. Being a lad who’s prone to receive information that goes through one ear and out of the other, he really hadn’t listened. Now he’s caught red handed at the very moment a serious virus warning is sounding.

Things don’t look good, and now Bobby is going to get the good hard spanking he’d been promised if he ever touched the laptop again!


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Another lad, Johnny (Richard Hicks) thought he could pull the wool over his step uncles eyes with a story to hide the fact he hadn’t been attending college. With exams getting close its an important time for him to get good results and his Step Uncle decides a much needed wake up call should be sounded.

Johnny can provide the alarm sounds as he applies a good spanking to his well-rounded little backside, pants up and down of course.

As the confrontation had occurred in the kitchens there will be something useful in the drawer to make a perfect end on to an already sore end, a nice wooden spatula should do the trick!



Domestic Bliss – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Domestic Bliss – in Standard Definition


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  1. The spanking in the second half of this film is excellent it really captures what I enjoy so much about spanking videos I do believe that boy went away with a very sore ass.

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