The latest Sting Special Price Spanking Classic is

The Punishment Room 5
Starring Karl Frazer, Max Duggan, James Holt and Marco

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The Police Court at Carrowden is busy sorting out the young men of the day who have chosen to go up against authority. Back in the old days the answer to misdemeanours was often corporal Punishment with either the birch, martinet or cat of nine tails.

The first convicted offender of the day is Alfred Harper (Max Duggan) he is being sentenced for the crime of petty larceny and faces punishment with the birch.

The magistrate is not pleased with his attitude during his appearance in court and further sentences him to go over the offers knee after for a good spanking. This often cheeky whipper snapper needs bringing down a peg or two and teaching a good lesson!

The officer carries out the second stage of the punishment, a humiliating over the knee, bare bottom, spanking

The second young man in the dock is Tom Ardley (Karl Frazer) he is a very cocky individual and is again facing charges of causing affray. The magistrate has had enough, this is not the fist time and he has been warned before.

Now what the magistrate threatened last time will be carried out! Ardley faces a whipping with the leather thonged cat, across the bare bottom

And in order to add a further sting of humiliation to this arrogant young man he too will be spanked like a naughty boy for his insolent behaviour. All thoroughly well deserved!



The Punishment Room 5 – in 1080p High Definition

The Punishment Room 5 – in Standard Definition



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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Sting Special Price Spanking Video “The Punishment Room 5” – with preview trailer”
  1. I bought this video 5 years ago. I recommend it highly. It featured two handsome, muscular models who knew how to act – Max Duggan and Karl Frazer. (The two models were not identical though – Max Duggan was short, while Karl Fraser was tall, and Max was even more muscular than Karl.)
    My question to you, Bruce, is why can’t you cast more models like Max and Karl in future videos? I don’t know about Karl Frazer, but according to Porn Base Central Max Duggan is still active.
    Give it a try. You will be surprised at the enthusiastic response from your customers.

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