The Birching Block 14

Being put on ‘the bill’ as was the term used in private colleges years ago meaning one thing, you were in trouble and likely down to get a birching. This time facing the birching block is a senior lad (Rick Palmer) he will soon be told to ‘go down boy’.

From that point on the freshly soaked birch twigs will impact their stinging song, as they whistle down sharply on to the lads undefended bare bottom.


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If this wasn’t bad enough then the spanking to follow would be! What a scene. A big senior boy over the knee of his Housemaster, marked the climax to a scorching session of severe discipline!

The offender will not forget this punishment

Rick Palmer stars in The Birching Block 14




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3 thoughts on “The Birching Block 14”
  1. Great reactions from Rick as he feels the sting of the birch and he knows how to present his arse for it, look forward to seeing him take more.

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