The Coaches Cure 8

Waiting in the changing room is Collins (Finn Harper) and the new coach (Erik Spector) when the Principal arrives with a report on Collins performance which highly unsatisfactory. Therefore, the Principal instructs the coach to Deal with him right away.

We all know what that means, and so does the unlucky Collins.

The Coach starts off with a firm spanking.


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Which, of course, finishes on his bare backside.

The, very sore bottomed Collins then has to bend over the chair for a good dose of the paddle, applied hard on his burning bare backside, to make sure that his performance is as it should be!




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Title 2257

By Bruce

8 thoughts on “The Coaches Cure 8”
  1. It’s always disheartening to me when these disciplinarians seem to forget that Finn has ears; rather cute ears, in fact, which deserve to be pulled and twisted as part of a well-rounded punishment.

    1. Totally agree, and I wish I was Finn. I love to be grabbed by the ear for punishment. Twisted and pulled often until deep red and warm. Also be held by one of the ears when otk.

  2. Bruce, this is the first time that Erik Spector has appeared in a Sting video. Any chance we can see him on the receiving end of a spanking?

  3. You have to kiss a few frogs to find a prince the same applies to spanking tops you have to let a few slap around to find the almighty and powerful KONG! 🦍

  4. “Oh, my only summer hat!” ejaculated Bob Cherry!

    For those of us who have been feeling withdrawal symptoms from not seeing young Finn get smacked for some little time, this video has been SO-O-O worth the wait! Thank you, a thousand times, Sting, for a delicious little clip that ticks all the Doc’s boxes (should that be ‘boxers’, haha!?): young Finn laid over the knee to be spanked, wearing that combination of short shorts and coloured underpants that does it for me every time! And I’m open to correction here (as always, haha!) but I recognize Finn’s tight black boxer-briefs as the pants he was wearing the first time he had to bend over in the new short grey school shorts being made to bend over for a good caning from Ryan, who was then embarking on the early stages of his career as a top. Another 10/10 performance from this naughty boy!

    AS for Eric, the new Sting spanker, I wonder if he realises just how lucky he is? His first ever appearance on Sting and he gets to lay the drop-dead gorgeous FINN over his knee!!! Of all the boys he could have been called on to spank! And it is clear from Finn’s agonised facial expressions that Eric has a hard hand, a strong arm, and that he surely knows his job when it comes to spanking boys! I’m hoping for great things from his partnership with Sting, which looks like being a fruitful one!

    Now, I have to admit, I’m not actually the biggest fan of seeing tops being spanked, as I prefer to watch the younger and more twinky lads being punished! The exception would be the eternally spankable Ryan Conway, whom we’ve got so used to seeing in his role as a lusciously scrumptious bottom! However, there is no doubt that Eric has, certainly in those short, tight shorts, a pert and very spankable bottom that is just screaming out to be smacked – and smacked HARD! Also, I think it is no bad thing for the young tops to have the occasional reminder of what the younger boys go through while bending over their knees! I have to admit (confession time here, guys!!!) that it was that thinking that led me to the decision to pay the occasional visit to a VERY strict lady myself in recent times!

    If Eric is going to be disciplined in a ‘top’ spanking scenario, where he plays a bottom, I’d love to see him in a school-prefect setting where he is bent over the desk and punished with a good hard caning for administering illicit or overly severe spanking to a younger boy. A few of Sting’s younger lads, in the role of ‘top’, have had their backsides tanned well and truly for such ‘offences’!

    Whatever – thanks, Sting, for a WONDERFUL clip! Thank you, Finn, my naughty lad, and thanks, Eric, for a superb debut! VIVAT!

  5. Finally Finn is back. Looking amazing in those blue shorts and long blue socks. Finns black underwear also a good choice. Would like to see Finn wearing the tight blue underwear he wore in Bad call 2 in a future update.
    Interesting pairing with Eric who hopefully we will see again . Agree with the good doctor he was looking good in those shorts.
    Maybe not such a long break before the next Finn update. Have requested before but an update with a cycling theme with Finn in some tight cycle shorts would be a plus.
    More updates from Luke Geer and James Holt too.
    Thanks for keeping the socks and underwear guys happy!

  6. Finn looking great in the long blue socks. Can we have a Finn update soon its been too long he must have been behaving badly!

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